Ben And Jen Sighting: Spa Owner Speaks Out As Lopez And Affleck Prep For Post-Wedding Celebration

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The second celebration of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s recent wedding is fast approaching. As the couple are already winding their way towards their planned blow out celebration in Savannah, Affleck and Lopez are apparently hitting the town and getting ready for that next big day. Which has prompted a spa owner to talk about their own encounter with the lovely couple. 

Savannah’s own Glow Med Spa is where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were most recently spotted, with their children along for the ride. That information came from People, who spoke directly with spa owner Courtney Victor about this much needed prep for the next round of celebrations. Echoing the sentiments of Pastor Ryan Wolfe, who married the couple the first time in that whirlwind Las Vegas ceremony, Victor had these glowing words about Bennifer 2.0: 

They are clearly in love. They all seemed like such a happy and cohesive family unit. She is absolutely flawless. It's unbelievable how beautiful she is. She is the epitome of a glowing bride. The group was so low-key and gracious.

All of this tracks with the stories that came out of the Vegas wedding, where a simple but loving $75 wedding finally united a pair that seemed destined for romance. One can assume that while Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will still be gracious with their bigger ceremony to honor their recent vows, low-key might not be in the picture for the time being. 

It certainly helps that this new round of loving revelry is taking place on a property that Ben Affleck owns in Savannah, which sprawls for 87-acres. Surely with that much room available, and all of the buzz surrounding Affleck tying the knot with Jennifer Lopez, spectacle should win out. Of course, there’s also the possibility that playing things quieter could work in the couple’s favor, especially with that much room allowing for guessing games with any prying eyes trying to snoop.

Not many details are even known for sure about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s second biggest day, with rumors suggesting it’s all happening really soon. If those whispers are correct, tonight should be the rehearsal dinner, which would tee up tomorrow as the most likely day for the couple to get loud with their love. True or not, it won’t be long after things go off that we’ll more than likely see photos of this shindig popping up online. We’ll all just have to be a little more patient about seeing Lopez’s bridal glow for ourselves.

In the meantime, if you’re a Amazon Prime subscriber, you can get a close approximation of what that could look like. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez’s film Marry Me now being available for streaming on Prime Video, you can easily distract yourself, if you’re one of those fans who just can’t wait to see how this chapter continues to unfold in the Bennifer saga. 

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