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After Rumors The Weeknd And Angelina Jolie May Be Dating Swirl, The Singer Adds More Fuel To The Fire

Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd
(Image credit: Marvel Studios and Universal Music Group)

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to share headline space due to their ongoing divorce drama, it seems as though the former has found a new romantic partner. Rumors are making the rounds that the Maleficent actress is dating Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd. While this hasn’t been confirmed, the lyrics in one of the singer’s new songs definitely strengthens the claim that this pairing truly exists.

The Weeknd’s newest album, Dawn FM, has been released, and in the eighth track, “Here We Go… Again,” he talks about how he’s currently in a relationship with a famous actress. Check out some of the lyrics in the song:

My new girl, she’s a movie star. I loved her right, make her scream like Neve Campbell. But I make her laugh, swear it cures my depressing thoughts. ’Cause, baby girl, she a movie star. Baby girl, she a movie star. I told myself that I’d never fall, but here we go again.

Now if you haven’t been following along with the Angelina Jolie/The Weeknd developments, then this “movie star” could be referring to just about any big-name actress in Hollywood. However, once you factor in that Jolie and Mr. Weeknd (who previously dated model Bella Hadid) were photographed exiting the Los Angeles restaurant Giorgio Baldi together, and were later sighted at a private concert not long after and then seen going to that same restaurant together again in September, that does some credence to the idea that they’re romantically involved.

It is worth noting that when Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd were first spotted together at Giorgio Baldi, it was indicated that their meeting was business-related, Here’s what a source told Page Six at the time:

They’re clearly not trying to hide [the dinner date]. He’s definitely focused on getting to the movie business. He has the new HBO series he’s starring in.

That HBO series is The Idol, which is set against the “backdrop of the music industry” and follows a self-help guru and leader of a modern day cult who forms a “complicated relationship” with a rising pop singer. If The Weeknd is looking to use this premium cable show as a way get his foot in the Hollywood door, then meeting with Angelina Jolie last summer was certainly a way to make his way further into that corner of entertainment. Still, that doesn’t mean their relationship couldn’t have blossomed into something deeper afterwards.

For now though, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd are staying quiet about whether or not they are indeed dating, but if/when they officially comment on the matter, we’ll let you know. As far their professional endeavors go, in addition to his new album dropping, The Weeknd began filming The Idol last November, and his co-stars on the series include Lily-Rose Depp, Suzanna Son, Steve Zissis, Troye Sivan and Juliebeth Gonzalez. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie most recently starred as Thena in Eternals, and she’s next expected to star in the film adaptation of Every Note Played.

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