Angelina Jolie Agrees Her Kids Were ‘Shook’ After Seeing Mom In Her Superhero Costume For Eternals

Angelina Jolie as Thena using her powers in Marvel's Eternals
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Being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe not only means becoming part of the superhero family but also putting on a tight, body-conscious costume. For some Hollywood stars, these looks can garner strange reactions from loved ones. And this is exactly what Angelina Jolie experienced while shooting Marvel’s Eternals. Just recently, the Oscar winner spoke on how her children were taken aback by her look for the ensemble film.

When initially discussing her work on the latest installment in the interconnected franchise, the star noted that her kids were “shook” by the blonde hair and gold spandex costume she wore to become Thena. Her children’s reaction came up again while she was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. It was then that the actress spoke more on their reactions, saying:

Well, would you want to see your mother in that? They were like, I think [in shock]. I dunno, they still haven’t seen the movie, but I think your mom walks in in a full spandex gold outfit with gold hair, I think you just think, ‘What do you do for a living? Get back in your robe!’

Well, at the very least, Angelina Jolie seemed to be in tune with what her kids might’ve been thinking. Though she's a celebrated and glamourous actress,  Jolie definitely knows her children recognize her as a “mom" above anything else. Plus, let's not forget that she grew up in Hollywood (and is the daughter of actors), so she probably understands from experience. Still, one would think that on some level, it would be pretty cool to know that your own mother also plays the fierce warrior Thena.

And the kids weren’t the only ones “shook” by the actress’s Eternals look, either, as fans were initially thrown off by her transformation as well. Let's face it, her cosmic Marvel look marks a drastic change from the traditionally brown tresses and casual fashion we've come to associate with the star. Audiences have been used to seeing her kicking ass as a brunette in everything, from an evening gown to a tank top and shorts.

Of course, the Chloé Zhao-directed film wasn’t the first time Angelina Jolie has gone blonde (see: Girl, Interrupted, Salt and Gone in 60 Seconds). Still, changing her hair is one thing, adding a full spandex costume is a whole other thing. Ultimately, given how highly promoted the character was, moviegoers got used to the fresh look quickly. 

Based on their reactions to Eternals, critics weren't too high on the Marvel movie. However, the film, in which Angelina Jolie's heroine proved to be a fan favorite, has been a box office success. This could mean that fans may end up getting a sequel sooner rather than later. Thena will be sitting on the sidelines until the next MCU film, but fans can look forward to Jolie's other upcoming projects, a slate that includes Every Note Played. And those who have yet to do so can see her superhero ensemble film in theaters now.

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