Bam Margera Hits Up Strip Club, Says He’s ‘Disappointed’ In Estranged Wife’s Behavior

Jackass star Bam Margera’s personal life and alleged substance abuse issues have been widely discussed in public for the last several years, but the conversations have gotten much louder over the past month. His long-time co-star Steve-O wrote and then deleted an emotional message telling him he’d tried everything he could to help him get sober. His now estranged wife filed to legally separate and accused him of being under the influence around their son. It’s been a lot, but Margera says no one knows his side of the story.

The popular daredevil and reality star hit up Instagram earlier this week to say he was “disappointed” in his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd, and what she has said about him and his parenting in public. He said he’s been supporting his son and someday people will hear from him about what’s been going on. You can read his post below…

The above comments from Bam aren’t the only headlines he’s made recently either. He was in Las Vegas for the Day Of The Dead Horror Con. Afterwards, he hit up The Hustler Club and a bunch of pictures of Margera posing with strippers have since emerged. He apparently hung out in the VIP section of the strip club, and while we don’t know exactly what has gone on, it has led many fans to question how seriously he might be taking his sobriety.

That was also the message when Steve-O took to social media earlier this month to tell Margera he was worried about him “dying.” The Jackass star previously invited Margera to join his traveling tour. Bam even brought his five-year–old son to one of the gigs, but according to Steve-O, he “stayed up all night getting loaded," Then he dropped a social media post accusing fellow Jackass creatives Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine of being a “poser” and “greedy,” which is what caused Steve-O to respond.

The relationships between all of the Jackass cast members and creatives are quite complicated. By most accounts, the original show and early movies were a party atmosphere. More than a few cast members ended up going to rehab, and there is no shortage of wild stories involving the crew. After Ryan Dunn tragically died in a reckless car accident, however, many of the cast members began working to get sober. 

Margera has made more than a few of his own attempts, but his struggles have been more prolonged. He was reportedly told he needed to stay sober in order to be in the most recent Jackass movie, and when that allegedly didn’t happen, he was kicked off set and mostly removed from the finished product. That led to lawsuits and a lot of hard feelings.

Margera and Boyd got married back in 2013 and share a five-year-old son. Only they know the full truth about what has gone on, but their issues have been public for a few years. Following some alleged substance abuse issues, Boyd took Margera to court to work out visitation issues back in 2021. Her recent filing to legally separate, however, seems like the most concrete step she has taken to permanently end her relationship, at least outside of a co-parenting capacity, with Margera.

It’s unclear when Bam might tell his side of the story, but it’ll come out at some point, either on social media or in a courtroom as these two continue to let the legal process play out.

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