Bam Margera's Ex Gets Real About Jackass Star's Sobriety Struggles And The Last Straw That Led Her To File For Separation

It’s almost hard to believe it but the Jackass crew have been on our screens for over two decades. The MTV prank show made household names out of its cast, including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Bam Margera. The latter TV personality has made countless headlines over the last few years, due to legal shakeups and his ongoing struggle with substance issues. This trend continued when it was revealed that his estranged wife Nicole Boyd had recently filed to legally separate. And now Margera’s ex has gotten real about his sobriety struggles, and the last straw that ultimately informed her decision.

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd have been married since back in 2013, with the two eventually having a son in 2017. As such, her decision to officially file for separation comes a decade into their nuptials, and following informal separations and a number of legal shakeups. And according to a report by TMZ, the decision came when Margera was visiting with his son, where she suspects he was under the influence. 

This latest update helps to possibly shed light on why Bam Margera’s wife recently filed to make the separation official legally in the midst of his various controversies. He was reportedly visiting with Boyd and their 5 year-old son, where he came off intoxicated and was acting inappropriately. This was seemingly the last straw, and inspired her to take a bolder stance against the Jackass star. Indeed, she cited irreparable differences. 

The legal proceedings come just weeks after Jackass star Steve-O wrote and deleted a comment about Bam Margera that quickly went viral. In it, he once again pleaded for his colleague to get a handle on his vices, even writing “You’re dying, brother.” He also claimed that Margera got “loaded” the night before being able to see his child. It’s unclear if this is the same incident that ultimately inspired Nicole Boyd to file for separation, but the two stories certainly do feel similar. It remains to be seen if anyone from Margera’s camp responds to this latest news.

Only time will tell how this legal situation shakes up, but it’s definitely an unfortunate turn of events, one that’ll turn the heads of Jackass fans out there. While the public has been watching Bam Margera’s legal issues and recent stints in rehabilitation centers, it’s also clear that he misses and loves his son. Unfortunately it might be even harder for them to spend time together, depending on how the courts ultimately come down on the custody battle between Bam and Nicole Boyd. 

Over the last few years, Bam Margera has consistently made headlines. He feuded with his Jackass co-stars for months over being cut out of Jackass Forever– with the crew specifically citing his sobriety journey as the main issue. He also recently attended (and escaped) court-ordered rehab, and even almost died from Covid. Hopefully Margera is able to turn things around in the long run. 

Corey Chichizola
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