Bam Margera’s Estranged Wife Now Claims He Left Her Without Any Support

Jackass has been a staple of comedy for almost two decades. The MTV prank show made household names of its cast, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Bam Margera. Unfortunately, real-life has seemingly been anything but funny for one of the beloved stunt performers. Former professional skateboarder and television personality Bam Margera has made countless headlines over the last few years due to his ongoing struggle with substance issues and legal troubles. His persistent behavior caused his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd, to file for legal separation and, most recently, for divorce. And now Margera’s ex has gotten honest about how the former skateboarder reportedly left her and his son without financial support. 

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd have been married since 2013, with the couple welcoming a son, Phoenix, in 2017. According to a report by TMZ, Boyd’s attorney, David Glass alleges the Viva La Bam star has left his former partner and their child without means for transportation or living expenses while still being able to afford bail money. The attorney told the publication:

Unfortunately, Mr. Margera doesn’t seem to understand what ‘supporting your wife and child’ means. Nikki has no car, no money, is being evicted from her apartment, and can’t afford to send their child to school, while Bam drops $50,000 on bail and who knows how much on a Las Vegas spree. Either Bam or his parents -- whoever controls his money -- has to provide Nikki with enough money each month so she can care for their son.

Boyd’s lawyer is referring to the $50,000 bail Margera posted as a result of being arrested for domestic violence last week after an unnamed woman claimed the skater had kicked her. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was called to a home in Escondido, California, over a domestic dispute, where a woman informed officers that Bam Margera kicked her. He was taken to the Vista Detention Facility “on a charge of corporal injury on a current or former spouse, cohabitant, dating partner or fellow parent.” Although the woman referred to Margera as her “husband” to police, the alleged victim is Margera’s current girlfriend, not his ex Nicole Boyd.

This is an unfortunate turn of events because things looked to be heading in a positive direction for Margera. After the reality star was released from rehab, his friend and former Jackass costar Steve-O invited Margera on tour to help the troubled star with his sobriety. By all accounts the tour went great, with Bam on his best behavior. He was even allowed to see his son Phoenix on the last night of touring, whom he even shared a moment with on stage. Still, according to a video posted by Steve-O on his podcast’s Youtube channel, after the last night of the tour, Margera allegedly fell off the wagon and took to social media, where he began sharing more about his strained relationship with some of his Jackass crew. While Margera had been expected to appear in Jackass Forever, most of the footage featuring him was removed from the final cut.

Bam shared on Instagram an older photo of himself with Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O, with a message acknowledging one friend in his corner (Steve-O) while labeling the other (Knoxville) a “poser.” This caused Steve-O to write and delete a very emotional response to Bam telling his friend, ‘You’re dying, brother.’ 

Glass told TMZ that he and Boyd would be filing paperwork in court seeking child support, spousal support, and attorney’s fees as early as next week. The attorney claims that the last time Nikki received financial help from Bam was over two months ago, for $5,000, and that Bam’s parents allegedly sent the money on his behalf.

Only time will tell how this legal situation shakes out, but it’s definitely an unfortunate turn of events that’ll have longtime Jackass fans turning their heads. Hopefully, Margera can turn things around for his and his child's sake. 

Ryan LaBee

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