Ben Affleck And JLo Only Paid 75 Bucks For Their Wedding, But Took Care Of The Pastor Later

While the schedule of 2022 movie releases includes two separate movies involving Jennifer Lopez and weddings, it’s the real deal that still has people talking. Her recent marriage to Ben Affleck has been the source of all sorts of stories and reactions to the event itself, with pastor Ryan Wolfe being another party that’s seen some of that limelight. In a recent interview, the popular preacher explained how Affleck and Lopez only paid $75 for their wedding, while also taking care of him on the side. 

Speaking with Producer Eddie from The Bobby Bones Show, the employee of The Little White Chapel was asked if he was tempted to jack up the rates. Considering it’s Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting married, the temptation was definitely there. Though as he explained, Ryan Wolfe only gave them the standard rate; while getting an unspecified but tidy tip: 

I wish, man. I’d love to do that. We just have a regular base price. They paid $75 for the chapel, and then they took care of me at the end, gave me a tip. … I’ll tell you this, it was less than a few thousand.

This was apparently the lone radio interview that Wolfe has given, though it’s not the only interview, as Producer Eddie initially believed. We’ve definitely seen other quotes from the actual pastor, whose gig at the famed Las Vegas landmark is a side hustle when he’s not tending to his congregation. Just as he said in the past, Ryan Wolfe believes Bennifer 2.0 will last, and reaffirmed as much while talking about the ceremony.

Speaking of which, it’s a good thing that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tipped Pastor Wolfe as well as they did. While we knew that another couple waited with the celebrity pair to have their turn at holy matrimony, Affleck and Lopez apparently came into The Little White Chapel down to the wire. Here’s how Ryan Wolfe explained his account of what happened: 

We had no clue they were coming in, we were actually about to close. I’d just finished up like the fifth wedding at 9 PM, and it was just me and our coordinator there. That’s all that was there. I saw an Escalade pull in. I didn’t really recognize them at first, they walked through, they walked in, and I was like ‘Man, I know them. I know them. I know them!’ And then I put it together who they were, and they said, ‘Do you have time to do one more?,’ and I’m like, ‘Uh, yeah. We can do one more.’

On one hand, it sucks when someone comes in at the end of your shift. However, if they’re polite about it, then making the decision that Ryan Wolfe did is an easy one. Kicking the situation up a notch, if it’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez asking you if you have time for one last wedding, you can probably bet that something inside of you will say, without question, “Yes.” That is, if you can recognize them in time to make the decision.

While Wolfe didn’t jack up the price or make any ridiculous demands of the Hollywood power couple, he did have a simple request. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, as he asked if he could get a selfie with Lopez and Affleck after the service. But in order to seal the deal, Ryan Wolfe laid out his request with some very specific caveats: 

I asked them. I said, ‘Hey, can we take a picture?I know y’all don’t want pictures or video, and I respect that. But would you guys take a picture with your phone, a selfie with y’all’s phone, and would you send it to me after the news gets out and you guys are legally married.’ I’m still waiting on that picture, by the way.

It's a bummer that Ryan Wolfe doesn't have that photo, especially since the cat is officially out of the bag at this point. Although Lopez and Affleck are planning a second ceremony, and it’d be fitting if they happened to invite the man who made it all happen as a guest. Maybe Wolfe will be able to get a copy of his picture then, but who really knows? At the very least the man's got a story to tell, and an eager audience ready to listen; which is what any good pastor hopes for on a weekly basis.

What we do know is that you can see one of Jennifer Lopez’s fictional weddings of 2022, thanks to Marry Me being available for streaming to all Amazon Prime subscribers. As for those other cinematic nuptials, those will come in the form of Shotgun Wedding, which is also set to premiere on Prime Video at some point later this year. 

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