JLo And Ben Affleck’s Minister Opens Up About Their ‘Emotional’ Wedding And Whether He Thinks They’ll Last

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sitting in a sofa in Gigli
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Almost 20 years after their first engagement ended (breaking Bennifer fans' hearts), Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally tied the knot last weekend. Affleck and JLo married in Vegas alongside other happy couples, opting for a quick and quiet ceremony. Following the long-awaited event, their minister opened up about the “emotional” wedding. The officiator also weighed in on whether or not he believes the two A-listers will last now that they have finally officially become man and wife.

19 years ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seemed to be all in, JLo was even committed to taking on the Affleck name. It seems to have been a case of "the right person at the wrong time" back when they had a first go of it, because their Vegas minister seems to think they are the real thing. In an interview with People, the man who presided over Lopez and Affleck's marriage ceremony --  A Little White Wedding Chapel minister Ryan Wolfe -- could only gush about the famous pair's nuptials, and it sounds like one of his most memorable matrimonial experiences: Here is what he said, in his own words:

Absolutely, you can see the love they had for each other. They definitely truly care and love each other. I've done probably 10,000 weddings now, and by this point in my life I get a feel of couples — I can really tell it was real.

I would imagine that being a minister in Vegas is one of the most exciting and interesting jobs in the world. You get to see a variety of loving couples all day long, and I’m sure there are some pretty crazy stories that each have when it comes to their journeys to the altar. His officiating the wedding of Bennifer, who received "brutal" media coverage during their first romance, will probably be something that Ryan Wolfe will be talking about for some time. 

Because he's married such an enormous amount of couples, Ryan Wolfe would be somewhat of a first-impression expert when it comes to couples in love. Ben Affleck and JLo needed things to be just right this time around, and it's easy to imagine that neither star wanted to re-enter their relationship in a haphazard manner. In the same interview, Wolfe provided more thoughts on just how sturdy he thinks their love is:

It was emotional; it was an emotional moment they shared with one another. It was real and evident for sure. After seeing them and the love they have for each other, I 100 percent believe they will last. They will make it. I believe they found their soulmates. I really do believe they're meant for each other.

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s story definitely sounds like something out of a star-studded fairytale, it seems. Someone may want to turn this into a movie, as it would make any fan of the romance genre a bit weak in the knees. And that’s coming from someone who has seen all of JLo’s rom-coms, plus Chasing Amy.

It looks like everyone, even Ben Affleck's ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, is happy for the beloved couple and are fawning over their love story. In fact, their wedding was so nice they will have it twice, as Bennifer is having another event in a special location. I am living for their happiness, and I am fully expecting a documentary about them to drop in the future. Until then, JLo actually does have a recently released documentary about her career called Halftime, and you can check it out now if you just happen to have a Netflix subscription.

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