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Bonnie Wright Is The Latest Harry Potter Star To Get Married, See The Beautiful Photos And Ring

Harry Potter was an iconic film series dear to the lives of many, so it’s easy to just encapsulate those movies and their characters into a timeless little box where they never change. Of course, the actors and actresses behind them have grown up, and if Rupert Grint having a child made you feel old, you’re absolutely not prepared for this. Actress Bonnie Wright is the latest Harry Potter star to get married, and she’s got a beautiful ring (and a few wedding photos!) that she has shared with the world. 

Bonnie Wright – who Harry Potter fans know for her work as Ron’s sister/Harry’s eventual wife Ginny Weasley – just got married in real life. Wright made the announcement on her Instagram, and she flashed a beautiful blue gemstone ring that fans can see in the video below.

The post (and that sweet-looking ring) confirmed recent news that Bonnie Wright married over the weekend and wed her longtime boyfriend, Andrew Lococo. Us Weekly reported evidence of the couple’s romance first surfaced back in September 2020, and the two moved in together in February of 2022. Not a ton is out there about their relationship, as it seems the pair try to keep their relationship private. It's completely understandable, especially when you’ve played a character that fans have an attachment to. 

The photos from the wedding started rolling online, leading Bonnie Wright to share some of them on her Instagram story. We can see a glimpse of the Harry Potter icon in her wedding dress below.

Bonnie Wright's Instagram Story walking down the aisle

(Image credit: Instagram)

Bonnie Wright might not be so forthcoming about her real-life relationship, but the actress did have some fun updating fans years ago on how Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter’s marriage was doing. Obviously, fiction isn’t reality, though, and Daniel Radcliffe (who did have a crush on a co-star) and Bonnie had no public relationship to speak of. It is worth mentioning Wright was engaged to Harry Potter co-star Jamie Campbell Bower (who played a young Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1) for a time back in 2011/2012, but it seems the relationship didn’t work out. Now she's married, and look thoroughly happy. Check out another photo below,

Bonnie Wright's wedding photo from Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

For those shocked that the actress who played Ginny Weasley is now married, perhaps that’s by design. Bonnie Wright revealed in an interview once she was fine not playing Ginny Weasley again and that she preferred to think of the series as a “time capsule” that a revival would alter. So, if there was anyone somewhat blindsided by the news that Bonnie Wright is married, it’s evidence that the idea the series acts as a time capsule is valid. Best of luck to Wright in the next chapter of her life and in whatever the future holds for her and Andrew Lococo’s marriage. 

If all this Harry Potter marriage talk worked up a hankering to binge the franchise all over again, all you need is a Peacock premium subscription to watch the movies on streaming. Of course, there’s also the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, which will hopefully answer some burning questions Harry Potter fans have about the iconic headmaster and will be in theaters on April 15. 

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