Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari Wants To Do A Movie With His Wife, And Sign Me Up

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in respective projects.
(Image credit: SME, Access Hollywood)

Model and fitness trainer Sam Asghari has been trying to break out in the acting world for some time now and while he hasn’t yet become the next big action star, he’s been slowly adding to his resume. For many, he is still likely most famous for being Mr. Britney Spears, who has done a couple of movies herself in the past, and it sounds like Asghari would love to make a movie with his wife. Which sounds incredible, even if it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Asghari was leaving LAX after returning from a film he’s currently shooting, something that’s being kept under wraps, when he was approached by TMZ. The photographer suggested that he and Britney should make a movie together, and he thought that was actually a pretty good idea, saying…

I hope so, I think she’s a great actress. One day, that would be a dream come true.

The initial pitch from the photog was that Sam and Britney should do a rom-com together, which I suppose makes some sense. One assumes that being a couple gives them some natural chemistry. But Asghari suggests they could do an action film together. He is working on a lot of his own stunt work and says Britney, being athletic as well, would likely be good in an action movie.

Britney Spears hasn’t done a lot of acting in her career. While many singers have transitioned to acting, some remarkably successfully, it doesn't seem like it was something Britney loved that much to pursue. She’s more likely to play herself on screen than she is to actually portray a character. 

Sam Asghari is fairly new to the industry as well. The roles he’s been playing have been on the smaller side so far, but everybody has to start somewhere. But honestly, Britney Spears is still Britney Spears; she's incredibly popular and if she wanted to make a movie there would likely be a studio willing to make that happen. And if she wanted to make an action movie with her husband we’d probably get exactly that.

Having said that, any Britney fans looking forward to this movie should probably temper expectations. Britney has largely remained out of the limelight even after being able to get free of conservatorship. While Spears is active on social media and that has been her primary portal for connecting with fans. When Spears is out in public things can get wild. It seems unlikely she’d be that interested in making a movie.

But who wouldn’t want to see what kind of movie that would be? Is there a chance it would be terrible? Sure. But there’s honestly just as much chance it would be great. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious just what this hypothetical movie would look like.

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