Britney Spears Drops Throwback Photo Album Celebrating Her Most Popular Nude: '4 Million Likes!'

Britney Spears loves dropping throwback photos and videos on social media, which is particularly fun for fans since she travels a lot, sometimes to far away and exotic places. Last night, she dropped her latest throwback album that included shots from Mexico, Polynesia and a boating excursion. In the caption she talked about landing in Mexico, misplacing her favorite bikini and being in the same bathroom in Polynesia where she took her “first highest viewed nude picture.”

Not surprisingly, it has been that throwback reference to her nude that has been getting the most attention, mostly because fans aren’t entirely sure which nude she’s referring to. She didn’t include it in the most recent slideshow, and there doesn’t seem to be one that exactly matches up to what she’s talking about. We’ll get into that later. First, here’s a look at her album with the caption…

I think I speak for everyone when I say Britney needs to find that missing bikini ASAP. It’s a really fun color, and it looks great on her. It doesn’t surprise me at all it’s apparently her favorite, and if I were her, I’d be hunting all over the house trying to find it too. There’s nothing worse than a piece of clothing you absolutely love going missing. Everytime you go in your closet and want to grab it, you just feel sad again.

As for the referenced nude in question, it’s a bit complicated to find because Spears has dropped a lot of photos from Polynesia on social media, some of which involve nudity. She dropped one last year in which she enthusiastically said she wanted to have babies in Polynesia, but that doesn’t have four million likes, nor is there a bathroom involved. 

Back in 2021, she dropped another album from a bathroom that has about four million likes and references the Pacific Ocean, but the bathroom doesn’t look the same as the one Spears posted in the recent throwback photo. I think that’s probably what she’s talking about and there’s just some weirdness in how the pics were shot, but it’s also entirely possible she deleted the original picture or people are just having trouble finding it.

Regardless, you can take a look at the other likely contender below…

Britney Spears’ occasional nude photos on social media have become a point of empowerment and a point of criticism, depending on who is talking. To some, they’re a representation of Spears finally living her own life with the freedom to make her own choices and do what she wants after years of being tightly controlled as part of a conservatorship. To others, they’re shots she should keep private and not share with others outside her husband, who has said publicly he doesn’t love when she posts them.

Throughout all the noise, however, Britney Spears has continued to make her own choices and do what feels right for her, not what feels right for other people. She’s gotten married, started driving, used an ATM, gone on trips and shared her feelings in a meaningful and honest way about her past, her present and her family. And yes, that journey included sharing a nude picture that got four million likes. Not bad for someone who wasn’t allowed to have coffee two years ago. 

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