Chris Hemsworth 'Look Alike’ Went Viral, Then The Avenger Totally Made His Day

The Thor franchise has made quite an impact on the zeitgeist, so naturally many fans want to be the hammer-throwing superhero. Whether you want to dress up as Fat Thor at Disneyland or show off your impressive Thor cosplay look at a film's premiere, he’s become an incredibly beloved character in the MCU. Not to mention, I think the Thor actor Chris Hemsworth is a celebrity many men wish they could wake up as. And now, one fan has gone viral after humorlessly asking his followers if he was the next “look-alike” of the Marvel star, and then the Avengers actor totally made this fan's day by responding to the funny post.

Plenty of men probably wish they looked like a superhero-ripped Son of Odin. One fan named Justin humorously wondered if he nailed the part of a Chris Hemsworth “look-alike” as he posted a side-by-side photo of himself and the MCU actor on Twitter. This viral photo has received 26.3 million views with 26 thousand likes. In the caption, he jokingly pointed out that girls have said he looks like Chris Hemsworth. The Australian actor’s response to this was nothing but good humor right back at him which you can check out below.

It’s like looking in a mirror, right? It’s nice that the Extraction actor found a lot of hilarity in this situation. 

While this photo was a laugh-out-loud moment for the internet, because they clearly look nothing alike, celebrities have actually had doppelgängers of themselves walking around like a straight-up Twilight Zone episode. For example, DC Comics actor Dwayne Johnson has his very own uncanny doppelgänger in the form of Lt. Eric Fields from Morgan County, Alabama. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson also apparently has a look-alike who, of course, cosplays Hermione Granger at conventions. As long as an Us situation doesn’t happen if you were to go face-to-face with your look-alike, it’s a pretty fascinating experience to know there’s someone out there who looks like you.

While the viral Chris Hemsworth fan clearly knows his appearance separates him from the Thor: Love and Thunder actor, he was flattered by the response he got from the Rush actor. 

Chris Hemsworth just called me sexy I’m never going to fail

How To Watch Chris Hemsworth As Thor

With a compliment like that, I should hope so, especially considering the career Hemsworth has had. His upcoming projects include a role in the Mad Max spinoff Furiosa which began filming last summer. The prequel’s official synopsis revealed Hemsworth will take on the role of a returning character of the series- the younger version of Immortan Joe. This fitness buff also looks intense and ready to fight in the second film in Netflix’s Extraction franchise. As for how much longer we’ll see this action star playing Thor, his future in the MCU remains unclear. Hemsworth has said if he were ever to return, it would probably be his last run as Thor, because he feels like the character needs to make an exit eventually. 

It’s nice to know that Chris Hemsworth acknowledged his “look-alike” fan the way he did. It shows he truly does have a good heart and an astonishing sense of humor. 

Make sure you don't miss Hemsworth returning as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 premiering on June 16, all you'll need to watch it is a Netflix subscription. You can also always go back and watch Hemsworth as the God of Thunder in the Thor movies with a Disney+ subscription.

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