Jennifer Lopez Has Been Keeping Ben Affleck Details Under Wraps, But She Did Admit To Some Unusual PDA Locations

Celebrity couples have a penchant for making headlines, and there are few quite as famous currently as Bennifer 2.0. The public was gobsmacked when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited so many years later, and every update about the A-listers managed to break the internet. While JLO has been keeping Affleck details under wraps, she did admit to some unusual PDA locations.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the hottest couple from the early 2000’s, serving as the catalyst for couple names like Bennifer. The talented megastars have been photographed countless times since reuniting, although there are some aspects of the relationship which are being kept private. But JLo recently admitted to some hilarious places where she and Affleck are affectionate– like hiding in locations within the house. As the Selena icon recently admitted,

Bathroom, yeah. Bathroom, closet, yeah. Private moments. For private moments, to have talks, and do things.

That’s one way of finding privacy in a busy house. While celebrities might seem far away from the rest of us, famous couples struggle for chances to connect– especially when their kids are around. As such, sometimes you’ve got to rendezvous in the closet for a little connection. 

Jennifer Lopez shared this fun anecdote about her relationship with Ben Affleck during a recent appearance on Ellen to promote her new romantic comedy Marry Me. The two discussed JLO gracing the cover of People’s love issue, which also featured Ellen DJ tWitch and his wife. That couple admitted to getting privacy in the closet, which inspired JLO to open up about using the bathroom as a place to connect out of the view of the family.

This fun anecdote might surprise fans, as Jennifer Lopez isn’t always willing to share intimate details about her relationship with Ben Affleck. She recently appeared on Today, where she refused to share exactly how she and Affleck reunited. But considering how many headlines Bennifer 1.0 made, you can’t blame JLO for wanting as much privacy as she can manage.

You can see Jennifer Lopez’s appearance on Ellen below, where she shares the funny anecdote about sneaking to the bathroom with Ben Affleck. Because if one person is going to get a cute story out of her, it’s Ellen Degeneres.

Jennifer Lopez’s work is now seemingly mirroring her personal life in the new release Marry Me. In it, she plays a pop star whose romantic life becomes a very public affair. And as a result of this connection, she’s been fielding all sorts of questions about her personal life as she promotes the romantic comedy. There are even some rumors about her and Affleck possibly getting engaged, but we’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out.

Marry Me hits theaters on February 11th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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