Creed III Co-Star Tessa Thompson Has Commented On Michael B. Jordan Wearing Nothing But His Calvins

After going viral for posing in his Calvin Klein underwear, Michael B. Jordan reminded viewers why he was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2020. Of course, fans let him know how they felt online after the steamy photos dropped, and now, his Creed III co-stars have commented on the viral ad campaign, including Tessa Thompson.

The Bianca Taylor actress was asked about Jordan’s thirst trap Calvin Klein campaign while promoting the threequel at its red-carpet world premiere. After starring in three movies together, the two have developed a friendship, and aren't afraid to poke fun at each other. This time was no different as E! News wondered what her reaction was to see her buff co-star in just his underwear. Thompson jokingly recalled what she did after stumbling upon the black-and-white photos on his Instagram account, saying:

I already have it wallpapered at home.

Of course, she joked about covering her home's interior with images of Jordan. Why wouldn’t she? Just like fans, Thompson saw the images in real-time as the Black Panther star and the fashion brand announced their collaboration online. Immediately, the photos caught the eyes of multiple followers with reactions ranging from thirst to jealousy. The Passing actress just added herself to the list of online commenters.   

However, compared to those thirsting over her co-star, Thompson was giving more “big sister” energy. It’s expected given that the two actors have starred in multiple Creed movies. They’ve enjoyed ribbing each other on everything from director notes to on-set rituals. In the same breath, they praise each other every chance they get regarding their talent and work.  

While the Thor: Love and Thunder star was all jokes about her fellow MCU star’s viral underwear campaign, she wanted to make sure fans knew Jordan was more than a Hollywood hunk. Thompson then opened up about working with the Creed III director, saying:

It's a joy to work with Mike. He's such a consummate professional. He's hugely talented and most especially the thing I admire is that he has a tremendous heart and he's just a kind, kind human.

Tessa Thompson kept the praise going about Michael B. Jordan as she recalled both actors reminiscing about growing “individually as humans” like Adonis and Bianca have over the course of the Creed films. She’s been there as Jordan has transformed from a rising child actor to Hollywood A-lister to a first-time director. Thompson proved her co-star is more than his former “corny” moniker or his massive action physique as seen in Jordan’s Instagram post.

However, Jordan has become accustomed to fans fawning all over him. He was confronted with this fact when he learned the staff of Saturday Night Live had a lifesize pillow of him in their office. Now, the Creed star has been joined by fellow Hollywood hunk Jonathan Majors for the third installment. Majors had gone viral for his physique in recent months for his Men’s Health spread and his recent Ebony magazine covers. Outside of their massive physiques, the two actors have bonded over girl troubles and other similarities. As for Thompson, she gets to work with both Hollywood heartthrobs.

Moviegoers will have more to look forward to than ogling over Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed III, according to movie reviews. The third Creed film will finally hit theaters on March 3. Don’t forget to look over our 2023 movie schedule to see what other projects Jordan, Majors, and Tessa Thompson will appear in this year on top of this highly anticipated boxing movie and Jordan's Calvin Klien ad.

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