Frozen 3: 6 Things I'd Love To See In The Disney Sequel

Elsa in Frozen II
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I love the Disney movies, Frozen and Frozen 2. I don’t know why. I just do. I know I grew up with the Disney renaissance movies, and have come to love a lot of the 2010s Disney movies as well, but those will always stand out as two of my favorites. Why, you may ask? Again, I have no idea – whether it be because I love Elsa as a character, or enjoy the fantasy world, they just pull me in every time. 

The studio has announced that Frozen 3 is going to happen alongside several other new Disney movies, including Zootopia 2 and Toy Story 5. As a Frozen fan, I’m going to go over six things that I really hope they include in the upcoming film. 

Elsa ties her hair up before running in Frozen II.

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I Really Want Elsa To Find Love

Look, I know she doesn’t need someone. That’s always been her whole thing. She’s very independent and enjoys her life now after Frozen 2 because it really looks like she’s accepted who she is as a guardian of the Enchanted Forest. She looks so happy at the end of the second film. 

I have to admit, though, I would love nothing more than for Elsa to find love, too. While I do love Anna and Kristoff, and many other of the iconic Disney couples such as Tiana and Naveen, or Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder (some prefer Tangled to Frozen overall), I think Elsa needs her own pathway to love. 

It doesn’t need to be the center of her story, because that’s never been who she is. She’s already found her happy ending; but that doesn’t mean she can’t also have love. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the sap in me who loves the best romantic comedies and wants to see her be happy. We’ll see what happens. 

Hans in Frozen.

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Hans Needs To Return In Some Way

Okay, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting Hans to be the villain in Frozen when I first saw the movie. Granted, I was only fourteen and couldn’t see the twist coming from a mile away for some reason, but I always found him an interesting person to follow in that world, because a part of me did feel bad for him. 

Why Anna Is The Real Hero Of The Frozen Movies

Kristen Bell's Princess Anna in magenta outfit in Frozen

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We all know Anna is the real hero.

He was a product of his folks having too many children. He wasn’t cared about as much so he took matters into his own hands. I can almost call him a villain of initiative because he knew what he wanted. But then he tricked Anna and nearly got her killed so I’m not his biggest fan. However, I do think having him come back in some way would be good. We didn’t get any update on him in Frozen 2 when I thought we might hear something. 

Alan Tudyk in Frozen

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But Also Give Us A More Compelling Villain

But, and I mean this with the best intentions – Hans isn’t necessarily a good villain. 

While I like the twist villain idea, I still didn’t necessarily believe him as a villain, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t rank high on my list of the best Disney villains because he’s just sort of…meh in that regard. He does, however, have a great Disney villain song. And, I wouldn't even count the Duke of Weselton as a villain because he's just so dang annoying.

Even so, while I would like to see Hans return in some way, I really need to see a more compelling villain. If you’ve noticed, Disney has been straying a lot further away from villains, and most of their movies instead focusing on inner family dynamics and more personal topics for audiences to enjoy – which isn’t a bad thing, Encanto was great for that!

But this is Frozen. This world is filled to the brim with people who have spiritual connections to the elements and someone who can make literal ice come from their hands. I would expect a villain in these stories, and not necessarily someone like Hans. 

I don’t know exactly what I want – maybe just someone who is the complete opposite of Elsa. Someone who can bend fire or something and cause utter chaos because that’s what this story sort of needs. A good old enemies-to-lovers or something. They don't even need to be able to use the elements, just make me believe they’re a villain. 

The little salamander in Frozen II.

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More Cute Creatures Like The Little Salamander

Look, I love Olaf. I love Sven. I do like the little snowball creatures Elsa has created. But I really need to see more of those cute little creatures that were teased in Frozen 2. 

What am I referring to, you may ask? The little fire salamander that was so damn cute that I swear I wanted to get every plushie of him available but I was twenty-one and I forced myself not to. However, now that Frozen 3 is coming out, I need to see more cute creatures. More fantasy creatures. Just more. 

This entire world is so full of fantasy and interesting beings that I would love to see it expanded on in the sequel. 

Jonathan Groff's Kristoff in Frozen II

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Can We Get A Little Backstory On Kristoff? Or Any Of The Side Characters?

Anna and Elsa are the stars, and I can totally support that. I mean, Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell and Elsa is voiced by Idina Menzel, two very talented singers and actors, and their characters are people I can really get behind. But here’s the thing – they aren’t the only characters in the movie, as much as the films try to make you believe they are. 

There are so many characters that take a backseat during these films, like Kristoff (played by Jonathan Groff), who has been teasing Frozen 3 for ages. We literally know, like, nothing about his character aside from the fact that he grew up with Sven and his manners aren’t that good, and that he was raised by the Troll people. That’s it. I want to know more. 

How about the Troll people overall? We barely got any time with them. I still don’t know why they’re just there in the middle of the forest. What is going on? We need more history on these people, stat.

The Northuldra in Frozen II.

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More Of The Northuldra

Last but not least, I need more of the forest people from Frozen 2, otherwise known as the Northuldra. No, I don’t just need it, I crave it. I felt so teased with them during Frozen 2. We got to see a few interactions between Elsa, Anna, and the others when they spoke to them, but then we barely got to see any of them again. 

I mean, I loved hearing about them, their culture, how they survived all this time stuck in the forest – it’s very interesting and I was annoyed when we barely saw them after the film’s main action gets going. Granted, Elsa is with them now so I’m assuming this is certainly happening in Frozen 3, but I just need to put that out there. Who knows what the story is going to be about in the upcoming sequel, but as long as they are a part of it, I won’t care.

What are you the most excited for when it comes to Frozen 3? The characters? The story? The magic? Whatever the case, it is sure to be a chilling and entertaining time whenever we can finally see it.  

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