Frozen 3: Jonathan Groff Offers Update About A Possible Disney Threequel

Jonathan Groff's Kristoff in Frozen II
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Disney is known for its iconic animated blockbusters, and one of the biggest in recent memory is definitely Frozen. The magical movie also broke new ground thanks to its full theatrical sequel, appropriately titled Frozen II. But could a threequel come? Jonathan Groff offered an update about that possible Disney project.

Film and theater star Jonathan Groff plays Kristoff in the Frozen franchise, and fans were delighted that he got more to sing in the 2019 sequel. His starpower has since grown thanks to the release of Hamilton and The Matrix Resurrections, although some fans are hoping he’ll end up getting a third movie as his character. While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Groff was asked if a threequel was possible. He answered honestly, saying:

I feel like, even though those projects seem very different, Frozen and Mindhunter, I feel like a third Frozen and a third season of Mindhunter are equally possible.

Do you hear that sound? It’s countless Frozen fans out there singing “Let It Go” in excitement. While there’s currently no plans for Frozen III to come to fruition, it doesn’t sound like Jonathan Groff thinks it’s out of the question. And although the new movie Encanto has been super popular over the past year, Elsa and Anna continue to be adored by moviegoers young and old.

Jonathan Groff’s comments to host Jimmy Fallon will no doubt circulate online, as fans theorize about if/when Frozen III might actually come to fruition. Director Jennifer Lee didn’t rush to make the first sequel happen, instead taking the time to meditate on the characters and where their journey might go. As such, we probably shouldn’t hold our collective breath for news from Disney.

When Frozen first hit theaters in 2013, it basically broke the internet. And given the insane popularity of the movie (and its countless merchandise oppurtunities), there were immediately calls for a sequel to come together. But Frozen II wasn’t rushed together, and there was a great deal of time and effort put on its production. That work definitely paid off, as the sequel was another huge hit, and was nominated for a few Academy Awards.

As previously mentioned, Disney recently celebrated another massive animated success with the release of Encanto. While that movie performed well in theaters, the musical Madrigals got way more famous when the movie dropped on Disney+. Since then the songs have pierced the pop culture landscape, particularly “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” And just like with Frozen, fans are wondering if Encanto might get a big screen sequel sometime in the future.

Jonathan Groff stays busy with TV and film projects, although some are still waiting for news on either Frozen or Season 3 of Mindhunter. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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