George Clooney Talks Aging And Slowing Down In Hollywood (And It Sounds Like He’ll Do It Next To Brad Pitt)

George Clooney in Ticket to Paradise
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George Clooney starred in a number of mega-successful films like Ocean’s Eleven trilogies, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and more until he took a four-year break from acting. After he decided to re-team with Ocean’s Eleven co-star Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise, the roles have kept coming in for him as Hollywood really missed him. But as Clooney gets older, he speaks about slowing down in Hollywood and he might be right next to his Burn After Reading co-star Brad Pitt when that time comes.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt have been keeping the movie industry alive as they reunite together for a new movie by Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Jon Watts. But before work on that project starts, Clooney is currently in post-production for The Boys in the Boat directed by the former ER actor himself about the University of Washington rowing team that won in the 1936 Olympics. But according to The Washington Post, the 61-year-old actor/director said he would like to slow down and move to a 650-acre vineyard and olive oil farm in the South of France next Spring that he purchased during the pandemic with his wife. Surprisingly enough, he’ll be a neighbor to Brad Pitt whose vineyard is 10 minutes away. This Academy Award winner also spoke about another reason to be excited about this new move.

The kids, I think, will flourish.

Clooney believes the twins he raises with his wife, Amal, will be happy living next to Amal’s mother who lives in London, and Amal’s father who lives in Beirut. The Up in the Air actor also has a house in Lake Como in Italy and in England, but they wouldn’t stay in England permanently as Clooney has mentioned “the weather just kills me.” For all these reasons, this new move next Spring makes a lot of sense considering their twins will grow up with family and live a beautiful life in Europe. If only everyone could slow down in grand areas like that.

When George Clooney turned 60, it didn’t seem like he was thrilled with that concept. But, it’s better than the world being without this talented man. But now that Clooney is 61, he continued to speak about what will make the next couple of decades or so be called “the good years.”

Amal and I have had these long conversations about my age, I said, ‘You know, I’m 61, I can still do most things I used to do. But in 20 years I’ll be 81, and things will be different. … So these are the good years, this next 20 or 25.’ I said, ‘Let’s make sure we’re living [life] differently.’ Which means that I probably won’t be directing, unless it’s something I absolutely have to do. Acting in movies is an easy job. … I certainly get paid a lot more doing that, it’s a lot easier, and I can still have a lot more time with my family.

The Golden Globe winner continued to explain to The Washington Post that he thought living his fullest life would be defined by his career. But then, the love of his life, Amal, changed everything for him. He found a new purpose in life by spending quality time with his wife and twins- something he didn’t think would ever happen to him. So if Clooney wasn’t doing any work for Hollywood, he’s got plenty of ideas of how he would spend his time whether it’s hitting tennis balls with his twins or making a meal for his family. 

It looks like George Clooney has a lot to look forward to as he gets older with a loving family by his side (and possibly Brad Pitt). Make sure to keep up with CinemaBlend’s 2023 movie releases so you know when to catch Clooney’s next film projects before his time to slow down comes.

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