Halle Berry Shares A ‘Self Love’ Selfie From A Gigantic Shower

Halle Berry’s Instagram account is full of beautiful fashion moments, and whether she’s rocking an amazing red-carpet gown or shimmering in a plunging jumpsuit, the Moonfall actress is simply stunning in everything she wears. The same can certainly be said for when she wears nothing at all. Berry celebrated “self love” as she stripped down and posed strategically in front of a steamy mirror for a couple of selfies inside a huge shower.

The actress wore nothing but a smile and a couple of gold rings, as she stood with an arm over her chest and her curly hair falling beautifully over her eye. Wednesdays have rarely looked so good. Check out the pics on her Instagram below: 

Self love is important for everybody, and I love to see Halle Berry taking the time out of whatever the rest of her “hump day” entailed to appreciate the little things, like how a steamy mirror can make for an amazing selfie opportunity. There’s nothing little, however, about that shower, which I’m pretty sure is larger than my entire bathroom. Who could blame her for wanting to show that off?

A huge window can be seen on the wall of cream-colored subway tile, and while the gorgeous self-loving lady is definitely the star of the dual-photo post, I can’t help but wish I could get a tour of the rest of the bathroom.

Halle Berry — not to be confused with The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey — has proven that she’s not shy about showing off her body, and anybody who’s familiar with her iconic James Bond bikini scene can understand why. Her Instagram features a number of couture re-carpet looks, but she’s equally as fashionable in sassy casual ensembles.

Most recently she showed her support for some “amazing ladies” at the 2023 Academy Awards in a white Tamara Ralph gown with a high slit and crystal roses at her neck and hip. It’s clearly not just herself that Halle Berry has love for, and she’s proven inspirational on all ends of the spectrum of success. In 2002 she became the first Black woman to win the Best Actress Academy Award when she was recognized for her role in Monster’s Ball, but she also had some words of advice for actors when she accepted the Razzie just a couple of years later for her role in Catwoman

The actress’ acceptance speech for the 2004 Worst Actress Award at the Golden Raspberrys amusingly implored her fellow actors to remember to read the scripts they’re offered and not just blindly accept the paycheck.

Halle Berry seems to be doing just fine for herself these days, with a few projects in the works this year. The Mothership, starring Berry and Molly Parker, is expected to hit the 2023 Movie Calendar for those with a Netflix subscription. In the meantime, though, you can check out some of Halle Berry’s most badass roles, and we’ll also be hoping continues to share pics from those days of self love! 

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