Hear Me Out: Why Lady Gaga Needs To Be The Next James Bond Villain

Lady Gaga looking up from a cocktail in a red dress in House Of Gucci.
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Dear readers, we’re finally in the thick of No Time To Die’s theatrical release. It’s a moment to celebrate, as the delays have paid off with a cinematic experience that couldn’t have ended Daniel Craig’s run any better. While all involved are ready to take a break and properly celebrate the Craig era’s swan song before moving onto the future, I can’t help but already have thoughts as to where the series should go next. Part of those thoughts include the fact that I think Lady Gaga could be a fantastic pick for the next James Bond villain.

I certainly mean no disrespect to Daniel Craig or his achievements in No Time To Die, as that movie is still rolling around in my mind. The huge leaps Cary Joji Fukunaga’s film took for the 007 franchise are not moves I, nor other James Bond fans, will forget any time soon. But after catching a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s performance in the trailer for Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, the thought of Gaga matching wits with James Bond became one I could not shake. Before we go any further, take a look at that very trailer yourself so that you can see where I’m coming from. 

If that moment of Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani talking about being a fair, not ethical, person isn't enough to sell you, then that's what the rest of this list is for. So here now are the reasons why Ms. Gaga should absolutely be considered for her own spot in James Bond history.

Lady Gaga holds a cigarette in a fancy glove in American Horror Story: Hotel.

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Lady Gaga Is Already A Well Practiced Villain

As an actor, we’ve seen Lady Gaga put on one hell of a show. A Star Is Born catapulted her to fantastic heights, with her chemistry opposite Bradley Cooper only adding fuel to the fire. But before she won everyone’s hearts in that Academy Award-nominated role, she had cultivated a healthy image as an avant garde artist, with a bit of a villainous streak mixed in.

Music videos for singles like “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” saw Mother Monster embracing her darker tendencies, making for key moments in her rise to stardom. And let’s not forget that American Horror Story: Hotel saw Lady Gaga actually win a Golden Globe for her role as the season’s central antagonist, The Countess. That amoral streak presented itself again in House of Gucci’s first trailer, and with some of the dialogue that Lady Gaga is given to close that reel with, it invokes some serious James Bond villain energy.

Lady Gaga in House of Gucci and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, pictured side by side.

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The Class Of The James Bond Franchise And Lady Gaga Is A Perfect Match

While the times may have changed the James Bond franchise, letting modernity transform 007 in ways that allow him to be a man of the times, the level of sophistication has never diminished. No Time To Die saw even James Bond’s casual wear become something coveted by fans far and wide, with the image of Bond’s luxury lifestyle continuing to raise the world’s standards for almost 60 years. Just as you’d imagine James Bond in a tuxedo, you could imagine Lady Gaga in an evening gown, holding court among the finest SPECTRE agents. 

Operating at a crossroads between old Hollywood and the far flung future, Lady Gaga is the sort of artist who can morph with the times as well. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying a good throwback, and doing so without pretension. At home in the worlds of electronica, pop music and the American songbook, Gaga is a child of many worlds. So no matter what direction the James Bond movies may be moving towards, there’s going to be a strong center that shall anchor them; and that’s exactly Lady Gaga’s speed.

Lady Gaga sitting while dressed in ski gear in House of Gucci.

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A Lady Gaga Villain Would Be A Strong Start For The Next James Bond

It used to be that people paid more attention to the villains than James Bond. 007 was a constant to fans and spectators of the series’ constant movement, with the baddies being the ingredient that dictated just how fresh things seemed to be. Now with a new actor looking to fill that vacancy in the near future, you’ll need a strong villain to kick things off as well. Score another advantage for Lady Gaga, as her ability to embody the past and the future, as well as the broad range of performances she’s given, provides a solid foundation for the next Bond villain to be built upon. 

With such a role requiring the proper balance of charm and menace, Lady Gaga could put those skills to the test with any actor who steps into the role of James Bond. Though when the fiendish energy needs to be turned up to 11, you can be sure that even diehard 007 fans will wonder if Bond is going to escape her clutches alive. The next era of James Bond absolutely needs a start like that in its future.

Lady Gaga singing with a full orchestra behind her in A Star Is Born.

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Being A Bond Villain Might Be A Surefire Way To Get A Lady Gaga Theme Tune

If there is anyone who would be suited to deliver a James Bond song into the world, Lady Gaga is probably in the top 5 list of artists who somehow haven’t had the honors yet. Considering the Daniel Craig era saw an eclectic list of artists that included the likes of Adele, Sam Smith and Billie Eilish delivering killer opening numbers, it’s even more surprising that Lady Gaga hasn’t been added to those ranks. So maybe hiring Gaga to menace 007 is a surefire way of correcting this error. 

We’ve already seen the competition opt to make similar moves, with Matthew Vaughn’s next spy thriller Argylle hiring recording artist Dua Lipa to play an unspecified role, as well as provide the musical score. Getting Lady Gaga to pull double duty would make James Bond history, as she’d only be the second musical artist, behind Madonna, to potentially have such a gig. In my biased opinion, Gaga would be the counterbalancing argument as to why such a prospect is the kiss of death in a post-Die Another Day world.

Famke Janssen in Goldeneye, Sophie Marceau in The World is Not Enough, and Rosamund Pike in Die Another Day, pictured side by side.

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There Are Not Nearly Enough Female Villains In The World Of James Bond

If there’s any point that ranks above all the others on this list, it’s the fact that we don’t have nearly enough female villains in the world of James Bond. This is something that some eras more than others excelled at, with Pierce Brosnan’s run actually providing three out of his four entries with a strong antagonist of the opposite sex. It’s time to start introducing more nefarious women like Xenia Onatopp into the Bond lexicon, and Lady Gaga’s skill set is definitely qualified to deliver on such a concept. 

But rather than making her the next Elektra King or Miranda Frost, the next era of James Bond should let Lady Gaga, or any other female antagonist, become the primary threat. Throughout the more modern incarnations of Bond, his past as a womanizing misogynist has been grappled with in new and exciting ways. Most notable was the decision to cast Dame Judi Dench as the new M in Goldeneye, which allowed her to dress down a new James Bond in mere seconds. 

That sort of energy is needed in the next chapter of 007 lore, and I can’t help but think Lady Gaga is the woman for the job. Just as it’s important to cast a new James Bond that can embody the spirit of predecessors like Daniel Craig, while making the role their own, it’s equally vital to have a villain who does the same. Lady Gaga should be the next James Bond villain, if not on deck to play such a character in the near future of the saga. To ignore such potential is practically criminal, even considering some of the plots Bond villains can deliver.

For the moment, James Bond fans can get their fix through No Time To Die, as the stunning conclusion to Daniel Craig’s era is currently in theaters. Lady Gaga fans, and the world in general, might agree with what’s been said above even more after seeing Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci. That film hits theaters domestically, just in time for Thanksgiving, on November 24 

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