No Time To Die: What Fans Are Saying About Daniel Craig's Final James Bond Film

 The following contains SPOILERS for No Time to Die

It’s almost hard to believe that after four previous films and a year and a half-long delay, No Time to Die is finally here. Daniel Craig’s swan song as James Bond has arrived, and without getting too specific with the spoilers, it was about as big a conclusion as we could have possibly seen for the actor's tenure.

Unsurprisingly, with such a momentous film, there are a lot of opinions about it. The good news, for most involved, is that opinions are resoundingly positive. No Time to Die was clearly trying to be an epic conclusion, and based on social media reactions, it seems the movie largely succeeded in that effort.

Daniel Craig as James Bond aiming a gun in No Time To Die

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 No Time To Die Is The Proper Finale For Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig has had something of a roller coaster ride in his time as James Bond. Casino Royale and Skyfall are seen by many to be among the absolute best of Bond on screen in nearly six decades. However, Quantum of Solace and Spectre are... not seen in quite the same way.

In some ways, No Time to Die would be the tie breaker, dictating just how Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond would go over all. For the most part, fans are quite happy with how this final film turned out.

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There are certainly those that didn’t love No Time to Die. There is a feeling from some that the new film “wasn’t James Bond enough,” but those sentiments are not getting nearly as much social media traction compared to those with a more positive take. 

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If there’s anything truly bad to say about No Time to Die, it’s that people are going to really miss Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond. Even if the movies weren’t always great, I hope we can all agree that he always was excellent. Considering just how much this really was Craig's movie, it all just feels right. 

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However, while No Time to Die was really Daniel Craig’s chance to say goodbye, that’s not to say there weren’t other characters who borrowed the spotlight when they had the chance.  

Ana de Armas stands at the bar, looking shocked, in No Time To Die.

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 Anna de Armas Nearly Stole The Movie 

James Bond movies almost always have a solid supporting cast, from memorable villains to the “Bond Girl,” but No Time to Die was something a little bit different.  It had important female supporting characters, but these were no Bond Girls, and one of them especially blew fans away.

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Ana de Armas appears in No Time to Die as Paloma, a fairly new CIA agent who works with Bond on a mission in Cuba. She’s in one segment of the film, and then, when that part of the story is over, she’s gone. 

One of the biggest complaints fans are voicing regarding No Time to Die is that Ana de Armas was such a small part of the movie. People clearly loved her and many wish she'd been a bigger part of the story. 

Among those that maybe didn’t like the movie as a whole quite as much as others, there’s a feeling they would have rather followed her story instead of James Bond's adventures.  

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While we certainly won’t be seeing more of Daniel Craig’s James Bond, that doesn’t mean that we might not see more movies set in this universe. If that were to happen, then it seems like Ana de Armas might have her own franchise ready to launch. There are clearly people who would be up for that.

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But there is, of course, one thing that No Time to Die audiences are talking about even more than Ana de Armas: how the story of James Bond came to an end.

Daniel Craig wearing sunglasses as James Bond in No Time to Die as James Bond

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The Ending Blew People Away 

The thing that is going to have James Bond fans debating on Twitter for some time to come will be the way No Time to Die ended. Maybe it shouldn't have been so surprising that the era of James Bond that was the first to give the character a beginning was also the first to give him an ending, but for some, it certainly was. 

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To be fair, we were promised that No Time to Die would bring everything together for Daniel Craig’s James Bond, and so the idea that the movie might end just the way that it did was a possibility that everybody knew was out there. At the same time, it’s still more than a little surprising that they did it. It took an iconic character to a place we never thought he’d go. 

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Still, while many are shocked the franchise took the step, any feelings that this was the wrong decision seem to be minimal. It honestly seems fitting, like there’s really no other way this segment of the James Bond franchise could go. The James Bond story will go on, somehow, but this part of it is over, and fans are pleased it happened. 

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Six men have now played James Bond in the official franchise. With Daniel Craig’s time at an end, he can now enter the eternal discussion over who is truly the best. For what it’s worth, it seems No Time to Die did all it could have to make a case for Craig's entire tenure. It gave us a complete story, from beginning to end, and while some will wish they didn’t have to say goodbye, they’re glad he was here for a time. 

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