How To Rock Chris Evans’ Iconic Knives Out Sweater Look On Any Budget

Chris Evans in Knives Out
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Ever since Knives Out came out Chris Evans’ cream cable knit sweater has remained a viral fashion moment, so much so the actor won’t wear this type of sweater anymore. In 2019 fans witnessed Evans give a fantastic performance as the wicked Ransom in the whodunnit, and while the film was shocking and the actor was amazing, his sweater was just as good. All these years later the sweater is still relevant and timeless, and with Glass Onion on the way, and the fall season in full swing, it’s a good time to grab a cream cable-knit for your closet. 

I know that when I think about the upcoming holidays and the fall season, I immediately want to rock a sweater. And if you are a fellow movie buff, it’s always fun to work in a subtle reference to your favorite film in your fits. I think no matter how many times you’ve re-watched Knives Out, the fashion never gets old and is a great inspiration for your fall wardrobe. 

Below are options for cream cable knits for both men and women that range in price, so everyone can channel their inner Chris Evans, and find a great staple for future outfits.

Cable Knit Sweaters For Men

I think it’s safe to say Chris Evans is a male fashion icon. From his velvet suits to the other sweaters he’s rocked on the red carpet, I think the Captain America actor is a great fashion inspiration, fellas. So, if you are looking for a great staple sweater, inspired by Knives Out, here are a few options for you: 

A few other options for men's sweaters: 

Cable Knit Sweaters For Women

Now for the ladies, I think Evans can still be a fashion inspiration for us too, especially when it comes to knit-wear. Luckily, there are plenty of options for women that are similar to the iconic Knives Out cable knit. So, here are a few options for you: 

A few other options for women's sweaters:

Lucky for all of us, there are lots of great options for cream cable knit sweaters that resemble Evans’ in Knives Out. Also, if there is any time to hop on the cream cable-knit bandwagon now’s the time. We are in the midst of the fall season with the holidays upon us, and this sweater is perfect for all of it. Another reason to snatch a sweater like this has to do with the second installment in the Knives Out franchise

Rian Johnson's second whodunnit will follow Benoit Blanc on a new journey with new characters. The movie is called Glass Onion, and it is one of my most anticipated movies on the 2022 film schedule, and I think that’s true for a lot of people. While this movie seems to have a tropical vibe, it’s coming out theatrically around Thanksgiving, which means a cable knit is the perfect cozy and relevant piece to wear when you see the movie. 

Hopefully, these options for cable knits are helpful, and they inspire some film-infused fits this holiday season. If you want to go back and watch Chris Evans rocking the iconic sweater in the original Knives Out, you can rent the movie on Amazon (opens in new tab). You can also check out Glass Onion with a Netflix subscription on December 23.

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