In Viral Deadpool 2 Post, Blake Lively Gets A Classic Quip In About Ryan Reynolds Not Inviting Her To Set When Brad Pitt Showed Up

Blake Lively on The Tonight Show
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Blake Lively’s signature social media sense of humor struck again. After a behind-the-scenes clip from her husband Ryan Reynolds’ film Deadpool 2 went viral on social media, the Rhythm Section actress made a witty quip about her absence from Brad Pitt’s time on set. 

The social media video in question came from Instagram. It offers comic book fans a behind the scenes look at Brad Pitt’s famous cameo in Deadpool 2. Take a peek below: 

The clip shows Brad Pitt in front of a blue screen as he pretends to be electrocuted by some ropes standing in for live cables (followed, of course, by a silly laugh). Blake Lively, who can normally be seen trolling Ryan Reynolds on her own Insta account, won social media with a hilarious comment on the Deadpool 2 post. She said: 

Weird… my husband didn’t invite me to set that day.

Et tu, Ryan Reynolds? Considering that Blake Lively loves to support her husband on his film sets and on social media, a quick meet-and-greet with Brad Pitt seems like a simple favor to ask (pun absolutely intended). But it’s probably safe to say there’s no hard feelings: the pair were nothing but couple goals last Valentine’s Day

The Brad Pitt cameo in question popped up in the third act of Deadpool 2, where he briefly appeared as The Vanisher. The invisible sidekick was transparent for nearly all of his alleged screen time, only showing his face when he accidentally parachutes into some live electrical cables. The ensuing shockwave makes the Vanisher all too opaque - and reveals his true face, which happens to look a lot like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Brad Pitt. 

It’s far from the only time the Oscar winner has made a fun cameo in a friend’s movie. The recent Sandra Bullock adventure The Lost City also featured Brad Pitt in a role that was featured the first few minutes of the film, as well as an extra mid-credits scene that apparently took the producers a bit of extra convincing. 

It’s unlikely that Blake Lively was invited to set that day either, considering the absence of Ryan Reynolds. Although, ironically, he was initially on tap to play the role eventually snagged by Channing Tatum. Again, it’s all water under the bridge - the couple showed up and showed out for a date night to see The Lost City in theaters

You can catch Ryan Reynolds (and a brief glimpse of Brad Pitt) by streaming Deadpool 2 with your Hulu subscription. The third installment doesn’t have a release date yet, so be sure to check back here on CinemabBlend for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can check out these other upcoming Marvel movies in Phase Four. 

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