Of Course, Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Were Couples Goals On Valentine's Day

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern
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Readers, we’ve officially made it through another Valentine’s Day. But before we all rush out to indulge in the discounted sales of chocolates and Apple TV+, let’s partake in another sweetness altogether. Thanks to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds yet again being couples goals on the big day, their delicious pairing has yet again extended outside of their complementary business ventures. The results are, once more, really damned adorable. 

The talented pair of entrepreneurs and acting talent decided to launch another offensive of cuteness through social media. This time, Ms. Lively’s Instagram was the weapon of choice, as she posted this adorable photo of herself and her husband: 

Sometimes I still marvel at the fact that the Green Lantern movie was able to help produce such a wondrous relationship. While the “better friend” caption does seem to play as a joke if read in a certain way, it highlights one of the couple’s keys to a successful marriage. Ryan Reynolds himself admitted in a past interview that friendship is the foundation that his love of Blake Lively is allowed to thrive on. Which means that sweet nothings are just as important as cheeky jokes involving a bikini to promote your spouse’s latest film.

It’s a good time to start those very engines up again, as Mr. Reynolds’ latest cinematic endeavor has started to make the rounds. Thanks to the first screening of Netflix’s The Adam Project, the star’s reunion with his Free Guy director Shawn Levy has inspired some enthusiastic reactions. If we were to guess, Ms. Lively probably won’t be too far behind with a post involving a baby picture of her husband, and a gag involving turning back the clock. 

Couples that laugh and love together truly know how to live. How else do you think so many signs espousing such morals get sold on the open market? If that very decoration hangs in the Lively/Reynolds household, you can bet it’s a lot funnier, and in a really cool font. That’s just the sort of couple they seem to be, and it’s a truly beautiful thing to see no matter where you’re coming from. 

The love story of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds needs no release date or hype cycle, as it’s something that’s always been there and never stopped. But if you want to check out Reynolds’ next film The Adam Project, it will debut exclusively on Netflix starting on March 11th. Of course, that’s just one of many offerings the 2022 Netflix movie schedule will have to offer. So stay sharp, and remember to stop admiring this lovely couple long enough to plan out your cinematic future; as well as tending to all the other important tasks life has to offer.

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