Jackass’ Bam Margera Just Showed Off His New Face Tattoo

Former Jackass star Bam Margera continues to make headlines through his road to recovery, and the unfortunate bumps along the way. Stories like Margera’s recent arrested for domestic abuse have kept the once daredevil comedian in the news, in the wake of his ongoing recovery from substance abuse. Thankfully, today’s story is much more chill, as Bam is showing off a new face tattoo with a very sweet significance. 

Sharing a photo taken with a friend on Instagram, Bam Margera is looking pretty good. Posing with pal Jessie Gullings, Margera shared the following photo before the two went off to do what they love the most: skate. As you can see in the image shared below, his new face tattoo is actually the name of his son, Phoenix Wolf Margera, written in Arabic: 

In case you didn’t spot it upon first viewing, the new tattoo, which was noted by TMZ, is above his eyebrow. Arguably, it could even be mistaken for an eyebrow if you’re not looking carefully enough. However, upon closer inspection, you can see the Arabic script, just a little above Bam Margera’s face, which seems to be in good spirits.

That observation also feels like good news, as the star's recent struggles kicked off a firestorm of activity, after his dismissal from Jackass Forever. Things seemed to be somewhat on the mend for a little while, until not too long ago friend and fellow series alum Steve-O made an emotional plea for the 43-year-old to take care of himself. Their joint touring apparently saw a relapse in the path to sobriety that he had been trying to stay on top of, which came after he made a pretty huge claim that his Jackass days fueled his addictions. 

Complicating matters is the separation of he and his wife Nicole Boyd, as she had previously filed papers citing “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for said split. Looking to gain legal and physical custody, Boyd is allowing the star “supervised visitation” of Phoenix. 

After Steve-O’s claim that Bam Margera broke his sobriety streak during their tour, with his son along for the ride, one can see why such terms are being included in the proceedings. Unfortunately, Margera's response to that separation felt rather somber, as he cited disappointment with how his wife has addressed his conduct as a father.

The MTV veteran isn’t quite out of the woods just yet, but it helps that he’s looking better than he has in the recent past. Skating with a friend, and keeping his son on his mind during these times looks like a good sign that he’s focusing on what he loves. That focus more than likely includes a renewed purpose to stay clean and start a new chapter in his life, which if true, would be wonderful news for him. Maybe someday he can even reunite with his Jackass pals, and make some more history in the name of backyard daredevilry. But in the meantime, it's lovely to see him in a somewhat happy place and honoring his son.

If you want to see Bam Margera and the Jackass crew in happier times, you can use your Paramount+ subscription to revisit the entire legacy of the franchise. That includes the most recent movie Jackass Forever, which actually does include a little Bam footage, if you look closely enough to find it.

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