Keke Palmer Is As Fascinated With Twilight's Taylor Lautner Revealing His Future Wife Taylor's Name Change As The Rest Of Us

Keke Palmer and Taylor Lautner
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Keke Palmer has never been one to hide her joy about things she cares about like like her Hustlers co-star, Jennifer Lopez, marrying Ben Affleck. But that may not be much compared to finding out that a well-known actor will be getting married to someone who shares the same first name. Well, Palmer has expressed her fascination with the new name Taylor Lautner's fiancée will be sporting once they're married.

On November 13, 2021, Taylor Lautner got engaged to his girlfriend, California-based nurse Taylor Dome, who he’s been dating publicly since 2018. (“11/11” really is the perfect date for your wishes to come true!) As you can tell, Lautner and his fiancée both have the same first name. But Keke Palmer couldn’t help but be “obsessed” with an article (which she shared on Twitter) about how Dome plans on taking Lautner’s last name - making them both Taylor Lautner:

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After she shared that tweet, a number of fans conveyed as much delight over this revelation as the star did. In one tweet, a user spoke about the Akeelah and the Bee star’s “24/7” energy as the reason why she’s booked and busy all the time followed by a hilarious Spongebob TikTok meme of his rhythmically energized “yada yada” self next to a bored Squidward. It's worth noting that the actress' latest film, Nope, did make $6.4 million on opening night, and she's been getting praise for her performance. So this could lead to even more gigs for the Hollywood vet:

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Another person tweeted a hilarious response about addressing the two Taylors. It almost brings to mind the infamous Spider-Man pointing scene from No Way Home featuring the three Peter Parkers. Well, I’m sure if you yell out something like “Sharkboy,” there’s a good chance the actor Taylor Lautner will be the one to turn around: 

Imagine calling Taylor Lautner and both of them turn around lol.

Keke Palmer clearly stans the Lautner couple, but someone questioned whether that's a good thing. Well, another Twitter response said, “I don’t think Keke has time for negativity," and cemented that with a meme of the True Jackson star moving to the rhythm:

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Aside from that though, another reaction still points out the hilarity that could ensue from sharing the exact same name as your spouse. And said person used mail as an example of how things can go south:

Chaos at the mailbox; is this letter for Taylor or Taylor, is this Taylor's credit card statement or Taylor's?

Taylor Lautner met his bride-to-be after being introduced to her by his younger sister, Makena. Apparently, she knew Taylor Dome through their church in Nashville and knew her older bro would be perfect for her. Dome said that if Lautner ever proposed to her, she didn’t want anything big and for it to simply be done in the kitchen, since she loves to cook. So the Sharkboy and Lava Girl alum obliged and did it big in the dark kitchen by getting down on one knee in front of her -- surrounded by roses and candles. 

The two Taylor Lautners definitely seem happy together, and it's clear that they have plenty of support (and questions) from the likes of Keke Palmer and others. Be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s upcoming movie schedule so you’ll be the first to know when the OG Lautner appears on the big screen next and, if you're feeling nostalgic, you can stream the Twilight films with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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