Kid Gifted Taylor Swift Tickets They Didn't Want In Viral TikTok, And Fans Are Trying To Buy Them

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Oh the holidays: that time when a much sought after gift can lead to another present that keeps on giving: social media clout. Only, in the case of a kid gifted some much sought after tickets to the upcoming Taylor Swift tour, Tik Tok has become a bit of a marketplace of offers rather than messages of jealousy and Ticketmaster outrage. As it turns out, the recipient doesn’t seem to want them, and Swifties are more than willing to buy those Eras Tour tickets off of their hands.

The viral TikTok in question saw user “allybeach919” sharing a clip of those Swift tour tickets being opened, with the recipient declaring that Taylor Swift wasn’t really their thing. Cue a shocked mother, and a laughing father, ending this quick trip into holiday mayhem. Which, of course, you can see for yourself below: 


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Some of the first reactions to a video like the one above might be to either call this young person “ungrateful,” or to try and snag those tickets for yourself. Both of those sides have come out in the comments section for this post, with some even wanting to purchase the robe being worn by the ticket holder. Again, this is a moment that comes not too long after Ticketmaster sold way too many tickets in exclusive pre-sales that the public sale was called off. 

Devoted fandoms like the Swifties take this sort of stuff very seriously. As such, when someone appears on social media not wanting tickets to a tour like this, there’s always the chance that this could be a staged moment. Putting on the hat of a sceptic for the moment, we never really do see the ticket clearly. While that could be to preserve the specific details of seating, etc, the paper in the video doesn’t necessarily have to be a Taylor Swift ticket. 

Should that be the case, all of those hopeful bidders are about to be disappointed yet again. Such is the nature of an event so massive, it actually caused some distress for a recent bride to be, thanks to T-Swizzle’s tour making accommodations a nightmare. While we might not see something as massive as Ticketmaster crashing when it comes to these phantom passes, one could only imagine the outrage if this is indeed proven to be a hoax.  

It’s every parents nightmare to get the wrong gift, even more so when it’s something that we’ve seen so prevalent in the news. Only it’s kind of harder to offload tickets to a Taylor Swift concert than it is to return the hot toy of the season. The lengths that some TikTokers went through to get these coveted seats either makes it funnier or more devastating, depending on where your sense of humor lies.

Whatever the case, here’s hoping this family can re-home those tickets with someone who’s ready to rock at this date of choice. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to enjoy some Taylor Swift performances in the comfort of your own home, a Disney+ subscription will help you out on that front while you wait for Swift's upcoming projects to be released. And the best part is, you don’t have to compete for one of those, and can instantly enjoy it once you’ve signed up! 

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