Lori Harvey Opens Up About How She Lost The Weight She Gained After Starting To Date Michael B. Jordan, But Fans Just Can’t Get Over Her Calling Him ‘Mike’

What’s it like to date Marvel actor, Creed star and former Sexiest Man Alive all wrapped into one, Michael B. Jordan, you ask? As it turns out, even one of the most fit couples in Hollywood deal with high and lows when it comes to balancing being happy in love and staying on top of fitness. Lori Harvey recently shared her fitness journey on social media, but of course fans are laser-focused on her casually calling her boyfriend “Mike.” 

Recently, model, businesswoman and daughter of Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey, took to TikTok to share that there was a time early in her relationship with Jordan when she gained weight. Since then, she has found herself a program to stay at her desired weight, and it is inspiring others to sign up for pilates. Check out the video: 


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As Lori Harvey shared in a car video after leaving a pilates class, she actually gained 15 pounds of “relationship weight” right after she and “Mike” got together, and she recalled it was “horrible.” The model could not fit into any of her clothes, and she decided to focus on a serious fitness routine. Harvey proceeded to share what worked for her, but a lot of the comments on the video could not get over her calling Michael B. Jordan. Here are some examples: 

"Imagine casually calling theee Michael B Jordan 'Mike.'" - @yesitsmekay

"Just “ mike” is sending me" - @abw53

"Not being like… 'who is mike?!' 😂 Baby, he is Michael B. Jordan" - @tiyanarobinson11

Lori Harvey hit back at one commenter, saying, “Girl you want me to call him by his full name?!” Obviously due to the actor’s major fame, we’re not used to hearing people call him by a title any shorter than his full name, but she is his girlfriend and most definitely allowed to call him just "Mike." It’s certainly a funny element of the video to take away from it given all the fitness information she spills, but it was clearly noticeable by many viewers. 

During the real-talk video, Lori Harvey shared that she decided to work out almost every day when she was trying to lose her “relationship weight,” and she would also have an intake of 1,200 calories a day, eating mostly meat and veggies and skipping the carbs however she could. Pilates has been a big part of Harvey's exercise routine for the past year (she even brought Jordan along before), but she also did a lot of cardio, like using the treadmill, going on hikes or running stairs. Their consistent work on fitness has certainly paid off for the two of them: 

Her fitness lifestyle is no joke! But, of course, Lori Harvey is a literal model, and she disclosed in comments of the video that “everyone is different,” and people should “tailor your needs to meet your goals.” 

Jordan and Harvey have reportedly been dating since late 2020, and they are going strong over a year and a half later. Harvey has been open about the key to their relationship’s success being to “communicate” and “over communicate” with one another. Jordan recently filmed Creed III, which led to more time apart from their already busy schedules, but they seem to consistently make time for one another. 

Creed III is expected to be Michael B. Jordan’s next movie, and is slated to come out among the other 2022 upcoming movies on November 23.  

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