Steve Harvey Offers Update On Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey’s Relationship

Out of all the boyfriends Lori Harvey has brought home her stepdad Steve Harvey seemingly has a favorite… and his name is Michael B. Jordan. The television personality seemed as smitten with the Creed III director as his stepdaughter even mulling over whether the lovebirds would walk down the aisle anytime soon. That’s quite different from when the longtime Family Feud host was suspicious of the actor’s intentions at the beginning of the couple’s relationship. So things must be serious. After Jordan and Harvey’s first year of coupledom, the television personality shared an update on their relationship.

The comedian gave his take on the budding relationship while being interviewed by E! News. Of course, speaking about his youngest daughter brought out his inner papa bear when asked if he has any relationship advice for the Hollywood star. In typical Steve Harvey fashion, the sitcom vet had a hilarious yet serious response, saying,

None. I’m not gonna help him! He’s gonna have to earn it. I’m not gonna help him. But he’s a nice guy, very respectful. He comes from a great family; I know his father personally. It’s going good for them. Just relationships are hard. Especially because they’re young, and they’re in a Hollywood type of relationship. I’m cheering for them, you know.

Thankfully, the Hollywood vet is a hands-off dad when it comes to his children’s relationships compared to some overbearing ones. Like any growing relationship, his daughter and the actor need to learn more about each other on their terms and time. The youngest Harvey daughter already cited the Judge Steve Harvey arbitrator and her mother as the blueprint for her year-old romance. Communication is important in Harvey and Jordan’s relationship from what she observed in her parent’s relationship. Despite his non-advice for the young couple, he wants them to succeed as fans do.

The Black Panther actor and the comedian have developed quite a relationship outside of his daughter. Their fluent rapport was obvious as Jordan interviewed Harvey for Paper Magazine where he was honest about his TV persona is only one side of himself. That was major development after Steve Harvey initially tried finding reasons to hate the movie star. Of course, he and his wife knowing the Without Remorse actor’s parents beforehand may have made the relationship more acceptable in his eyes.

Even though the rising power couple remains private about their romance, they do give fans little peeks here and there. Recently, the younger Harvey spilled about a time when the former Sexiest Man Alive teased her about her workout routine. Let’s just say he learned Pilates isn’t as easy as it seems… the hard way. He gained more respect for his girlfriend’s fitness routine after that day.

But the duo is still going strong despite their increasingly busy schedules. Of course, Jordan has been spotted around Venice Beach shooting his directorial debut Creed III while his lady builds her lifestyle and beauty brand.

The older Harvey stays busy in his own right between his daily talk show, Family Feud, and Judge Steve Harvey, which was renewed for a second season. When he’s not doing that, you can catch him being a style icon on his Instagram. With Judge Steve completing its first season, you can see what new and returning shows will premiere this Spring and Summer.

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