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Meat Loaf’s Wife Shares Feelings Of Grief, Loss And Their Love Story After The Singer’s Death At 74

Meat Loaf in David Fincher's Fight Club 1999.
(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Fans are mourning the loss of singer and actor Meat Loaf who died last week at the age of 74. And it seems that nobody is hurt quite as much by the loss of the man as his wife, Deborah Aday. While one certainly expects a husband and wife to have a close relationship, it sounds like these two had an especially strong connection and Meat Loaf’s wife is truly heartbroken by the loss of it.

Speaking with People, Deborah Aday uses some very strong language to describe her feelings following the loss of her husband. While most of us only knew Meat Loaf’s public persona, she saw and knew a very different man. It sounds like she’s dealing with some real pain without him. According to Deborah Aday… 

The grief I feel over the loss of my husband is gut-wrenching. I was lying close to Michael when he took his last breath and my sadness is beyond words. I've always called him by his given name because I didn't see him as 'Meat.' I feel much gratitude for the outpouring of love I have received from around the world.

From his music to his movies Meat Loaf was certainly a global star and his wife is clearly touched when it comes to the way fans have responded in the wake of his death. His work meant a lot to many people, many of his songs have become rock standards, but Deborah Aday wants those fans to know the other side of the man, the side that they never saw. Meat Loaf wasn’t just a great performer but he was a great husband. His widow continues…

He meant so much to so many people, and it gave me joy to be able to share him with the world. As his wife, I also want everyone to know how much he meant to me as a husband.

Deborah Aday had not been married prior to marrying Meat Loaf in 2007, saying that she was waiting for the right man, and that the singer and actor was that man. Married for nearly 15 years it sounds like they were as close at the end of that time as they had been at the beginning. This looks like a real love story, in that will endure in its own way now that one of the partners is gone.

Most of us will never know Meat Loaf the man, the husband, the father and grandfather, but clearly, he made his mark in those roles as well. For the rest of us, we have his music and his film roles, like iconic performances in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and his memorable role in Fight Club, to remind us how great he was. 

Dirk Libbey
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