Olivia Wilde Allegedly Focusing On Her Kids While ‘Adjusting’ After Harry Styles Split, And The Pics Seem To Prove It

Olivia Wilde has had, well, a pretty wild few months in the public eye. While we expect to see her in movies and on red carpets, her personal life has been the subject of most of the attention on her in recent days. First because of her relationship with Harry Styles, and now because the relationship with Styles is apparently over. But Wilde is reportedly putting her own attention on her kids, and that seems to be working out.

The Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde relationship, which somehow ended before we started calling them WyldeStyle, was the talk of Hollywood gossip as it followed the end of her relationship with actor Jason Sudeikis, which led to high profile public moments like Wilde being served with custody papers while on stage at CinemaCon. The end of the new relationship was a surprise to many fans, and reportedly to Wilde herself. An unnamed source that spoke with ET said the actress is taking the breakup hard, so she has focused on co-parenting her kids with Sudeikis. According to the source… 

She is putting her energy into her kids and family. Things between Olivia and Jason are manageable and she’s doing her best to co-parent with him in a healthy way. She isn’t rushing to date anyone again right now.

There were some pretty significant accusations thrown around that painted both Wilde and Sudeikis in a less than flattering light during the period when their relationship was coming to an end. Assuming this source is accurate, it’s good to hear that the pair have found a way to co-parent that is working for everybody involved.  

And we have photographic evidence that Olivia Wilde is putting energy into her kids, as she recently posted pictures to Instagram of a trip they took to celebrate the holidays at Disneyland. I say she did it for the kids, but honestly, based on the look on her face in the pictures and her comments in the post that it’s her favorite place, it looks like the Disneyland trip may have been for self care for Wilde herself as much as them. And I can’t exactly blame her. When the world gets too much for me and I need a break, Disneyland is always the place I want to go too. 

Olivia Wilde certainly looks to be having a lot of fun at Disneyland, and really that’s all you can hope for. From riding KIng Arthur's Carousel to dancing under the fake snow on Main Street U.S.A., Disneyland at Christmas is an even more magical place than it is the rest of the year. Breakups are never fun and Wilde has seen more than her share recently. Hopefully some Disney magic helped.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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