Former Nanny Makes Even More Claims About The Timeline Of Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles Getting Together, Including Jason Sudeikis Allegedly Going Through Her Phone

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde
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The ending of the relationship between Olivia Wilde and Jason Suidekis, following by the beginning of the relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, is the sort of celebrity gossip that would likely make a few headlines under any circumstances. But this particular situation has made more than its share of headlines as we’ve heard a lot about what was allegedly going on as one one relationship ended and another began.

One of the main sources of information about what went on inside the home of Sudeikis and Wilde has been a nanny who reportedly worked for the couple. The nanny, who has continued to protect her identity and has only made appearances with her face obscured, was the first to specifically claim that Wilde’s relationship with Styles began before her relationship was Sudeikis was over. And while the former couple have denied the nanny’s claims, she recently appeared on Inside Edition and added details, saying she walked in on Sudeikis after he had discovered what was going on. The nanny said… 

I walked upstairs and Jason was balling his heart out, crying really hard saying ‘She left us. I’m going to try, I’m going to do everything to get her back.’ He was reading all of her messages.

According to the nanny, Jason Sudeikis had looked at Wilde’s Apple Watch, and had discovered a text that she had sent to somebody else. In the text Wilde allegedly reveals that she had initiated the relationship with Styles. The nanny said the text read…

She said ‘I kissed Harry at the dinner in Palm Springs. I kissed him, I put the first move on him. And I’m so nervous because he hasn’t said anything.’ At this point Jason said ‘You know what? She’s just acting so desperate, throwing herself as Harry.’

The nanny has made other public comments regarding the relationship, including a claim that Wilde gave back a dog in order to spend more time with Styles. She also stated that at one point Sudeikis physically laid down behind Wilde’s car in order to prevent her from going to see him, a claim she repeated here.  

For her part, Wilde has denied that the relationship with Styles began this way. She and others have stated that the relationship was over before Styles entered the picture. While everybody involved has, for the most part, attempted to keep these personal issues private, we have seen them unavoidably enter the public on occasion, such as when Wilde was served with custody papers while on stage presenting at CinemaCon.

Whether or not these claims are ultimately true is mostly irrelevant. The people involved will work through it and get on with their lives. Hopefully everybody ends up in a better place eventually. 

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