Paris Hilton Is Doing An Erotic Thriller With Pamela Anderson, And Sign Me Up

Paris Hilton in Cooking With Paris and Pamela Anderson in The Hills: New Beginnings
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Although Paris Hilton has never entirely left the pop culture consciousness, the last several years have certainly seen her make a resurgence of sorts, between being explored in the YouTube Originals documentary This Is Paris, leading the six-episode reality series Cooking With Paris (which Netflix subscribers can check out) and then doing Peacock’s Paris in Love, to making TikiTok videos with the Tom Cruise deepfake guy. Now Hilton has an erotic thriller lined up on her list of professional endeavors, and it will see her co-starring alongside Pamela Anderson. Uh, yes please!

These two actresses are just some of the talent that’s been assembled for Alone at Night, which was previously called 18 & Over and has been acquired by Vertical Entertainment for North American distribution. Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson will be joined by Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, Wednesday’s Luis Guzmán, Extraction’s Lindsey Pelas, Lords of Dogtown’s John Robinson, Huracán’s Cassius Corrigan, Baby Driver’s Sky Ferreira, model Winnie Harlow, musician G-Eazy (who also composed the movie’s score) and rapper A$AP Nast, with social media influencers Twan Kuyper, Steven Spence, Cheyrelle Fontenette, Shannon Hamilton and Clara McGregor also being part of the cast. Jimmy Giannopoulos directed Alone at Night and co-wrote the script with Diomedes Raul Bermudez.

Alone at Night stars Ashley Benson as Vicky, a young woman who’s just gone through a breakup and is looking for an escape. She ends up going to her friend’s remote cabin in the woods, where she continues to model lingerie for her followers on 18 & Over, an adults-only live streaming website. However, things take a turn when the cabin loses power and Vicky finds herself facing off against a crowbar-wielding masked killer who’s determined to end her night on a bloody note.

Jimmy Giannopoulos said the following in an official statement shared with Deadline about his work on Alone at Night:

With Alone at Night I wanted to make the kind of movie I would have snuck into as a teen. Slasher, stoner, a sexy thriller with killer music. Playing on the nostalgia of my favorite B-horror we truly made a terrifyingly fun film. Though the themes of isolation and obsession are as old as time, culture always breeds new ways for them to manifest. You can isolate but you can’t hide.

Just like with the other actors besides Ashley Benson, it wasn’t revealed who Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson will play in Alone at Night, though it’s entirely possible that they could end up appearing as fictional versions of themselves. This will be Hilton’s first time performing in a feature-length film since 2008’s Repo! The Genetic Opera, with her other acting credits including the House of Wax remake, Snakes on a Plane, National Lampoon’s Pledge This! and episodes of shows like The O.C., Veronica Mars and Supernatural

Pamela Anderson is best known for playing C.J. Parker on the original Baywatch series, and she briefly reprised the role in the 2017 Baywatch movie (which she ended up not liking). Anderson was also recently portrayed by Lily James in Pam & Tommy (which can be viewed with a Hulu subscription), though Anderson herself allegedly refused to watch the limited series.

Alone at Night comes out both in theaters and on PVOD January 20, 2023. Our 2023 release schedule is available to peruse if you’re curious what other movies are slated to drop next year, or you can look through the 2022 release schedule to see what’s left for this year.

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