The Expendables 4 Gets A Title That’s Not Actually Expendables 4, Plus A Rough And Tumble First Look With Megan Fox And Jason Statham Getting Steamy

Jason Statham in Expendables and Megan Fox joining.
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The Expendables franchise has always been a steady place for action veterans to play in a brand new playground. Expendables 4 looks to be no exception, as a first look at the movie at CinemaCon revealed not only a cast heavy with action veterans, but also some guns, a lot of Megan Fox and the flick's title. You really gotta see it spelled out to believe it, as the flick is rolling with the title Expend4bles

Where Jackass Forever failed to tread with its title announcement, Expend4bles went ahead and leaned right in, which makes sense given the other movies in the franchise never really bothered with long-winded subtitles. The brand new first look at the upcoming Lionsgate flick was both a look back at what the franchise brought before and what is to come next. 

And what is to come next, from the looks of things, is quite a bit of Megan Fox, who famously joined the franchise back in August of 2021. She has been on a tear lately, landing a slew of upcoming roles in projects like Expendables 4 – sorry Expend4bles – and Johnny & Clyde . In the first footage of the movie, Megan Fox looks badass, as she gets steamy with none other than Jason Statham. He got a lot of screentime in the promo and could be a fine successor in the franchise should those rumors hold true. Sylvester Stallone was also there and back in form again. 

While Lionsgate hasn’t officially released a trailer yet, the good news is that Fox shared a look at her Expendables character soon after the movie started production back in October. Of course, she looks badass.  

Megan Fox in Expendables 4 costume

(Image credit: Megan Fox Instagram)

In addition, Stallone has teased a bar brawl and more as the movie went through filming. It's now wrapped.

The footage also brings in the slew of major names who will make up the cast. Curtis ‘Fifty Cent’ Jackson introduced the movie in a quick video presentation before we were given looks at the full cast. There’s Jackson and Statham and Fox, but also Sylvester Stallone, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa and Andy Garcia. 

Expend4bles is expected to come out later this year, but while we finally have a title for the flick, we’ve yet to learn the official release date. For now, though, you can take a look at what else Lionsgate has coming to the 2022 movie release schedule, including White Bird, a sequel to the box office hit Wonder, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret., and, of course, John Wick Chapter 4.

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