The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Ben Affleck Really Looking Like He Didn't Want To Be At The Grammys With JLo

Celebrity couples are known for capturing the attention of the public, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck know this all too well. They broke the internet when Bennifer 2.0 started their new relationship, and eventually tied the knot in Las Vegas. While it looks like it's been all wedding bliss in the time since that event, fans think they got a glimpse into their relationship while the attended the 2023 Grammys. And the internet can't get enough of Affleck really looking like he didn't want to be at the Grammys with JLo.

Music's biggest night was last night, and there were plenty of fans who tuned in to watch the Grammy Awards play out. Many of those viewers took to social media to share their responses, including Beyonce fans who were mad she didn't win Album of the Year for her work on Renaissance. But another common sentiment that's being shared is how Ben Affleck didn't look all that thrilled to attend the event. There are plenty of Twitter responses about this, which feature footage of the Oscar-winning filmmaker looking less than pleased. Case in point: 

Poor Ben. There's something about the acclaimed filmmaker that makes fans want to turn him into memes, especially when he's looking unhappy. I think we can all remember the Sad Affleck meme from Batman v Superman's press tour. And then there's the countless images of him outside of Dunkin Donuts. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that so many people are tweeting about his reactions during the 2023 Grammy Awards. 

Indeed, there are countless tweets about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's screen time during the Grammys. And while they're a variety of clips, the sentiment seems to be that the Tender Bar actor looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. Another tweet reads:

While plenty of reactions to Bennifer poked fun at Affleck, there were some folks online who actually felt represented by his reactions to the Grammys. Music's biggest night isn't a fun ride for everyone, especially if you're unhappy with how the awards were ultimately awarded. As one person on Twitter posted:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the hottest couple of the early 2000's, although their fame had some downsides to it-- particularly with how the relationship was dissected by both he press and fans. While they seemed to learn a lot from this experience, the discourse surrounding their Grammys appearance shows just how transfixed folks continue to be by Bennifer. 

One person who tuned in to watch the Grammys also took note of Ben Affleck's less than thrilled expression during the star-studded event. They went so far as to call him "miserable" posting:

The flip side of this discourse is folks who just want to make silly memes out of viral moments like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Grammys appearance. One clip in particular is going viral where JLo and Affleck were chatting behind host Trevor Noah. One person poked fun at their infamous movie together via that video, as you can see below:

While sometimes the internet can be a toxic place, it can also be great for a good laugh. The above meme definitely proves that, and offers a lighter perspective on the  conversation surrounding Bennifer and the Grammys. Now that they're a married couple, smart money says there's going to be plenty of events for both of them to attend to celebrate the other. We'll just have to see if an event like the Oscars brings more smiles from Affleck.

Professionally, both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are keeping busy. JLo recently celebrated the release of her action rom-com Shotgun Wedding, while Affleck has a number of projects coming down the line as both an actor and producer. That includes a role as Batman in Andy Muschietti's The Flash. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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