Beyoncé Slayed So Hard In Her Cowboy Bikini Look For The Renaissance Tour Announcement That An Etsy Shop Had To Temporarily Shutter

This week, Beyoncé announced her world tour for her album Renaissance and this sent shockwaves through the Beyhive. Despite initial controversies, the album was a hit, and quickly became a fan favorite. The excitement for the tour is real, and the photo she used for her tour announcement is so stunning fans truly can't get over how big of a slay it is. This was such a sensation, that the Etsy creator of the cowboy hat Beyoncé donned for the photo shoot had to temporarily close down shop. 

The photo in question shows the megastar in a sparkly, blinged-out bikini, sitting on a shimmering horse. The look in question is a similar look used for the cover art for her Renaissance album. However, in this photo, the “Crazy in Love” singer wears a mirrored cowboy hat, obscuring her eyes. The photo is absolutely breathtaking, and Beyoncé posted the image along with her tour announcement on Instagram. You can check out the post below. 

According to Complex, Beyoncé’s stylist obtained the hat from an Etsy designer named Abby Misbin. She had five days to create the piece, and it contained 10,000-15,000 mirrored tiles to achieve the disco ball effect. The designer says she charged the singer $215 dollars for the hat and could not be more thrilled to have created the piece for the iconic singer. It is so great that Beyoncé’s team reached out to a small business for such an important and iconic photo shoot. This shows that fashion can come from anywhere, and small, independent designers can create pieces just as gorgeous as major designer brands.

The hat was such an immediate hit that Misbin received hundreds of order requests, making it hard for her to keep up with the demand. In turn, she had to enlist help from her sister to keep up with the order requests. She also had to delay shipment time and suspend new order requests until she was able to catch up with them. While such attention for her business is likely more than welcome, such an influx of attention must be hard to keep up with, which is why she had to temporarily stop selling the disco ball hat.

The mirrorball cowboy hat isn’t the only thing stirring up a massive demand. Beyoncé fans are already worried about getting tickets for the singer’s stadium tour. The Grammy winner is using Ticketmaster to handle ticketing for her concerts, which has been a subject of controversy following the gross mishandling of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. While new provisions have been put in place, the Ticketmaster discourse continues, and we will just have to wait and see what happens when presale tickets become available on February 7.

The Renaissance Tour kicks off in July, for fans wanting to see the iconic artist perform live. To relive Beyoncé’s legendary 2018’s Coachella performance, those with a Netflix subscription can stream the singer’s groundbreaking, self-produced concert film Homecoming on the platform now. For more information on other projects coming to Netflix in the near future, while you wait for the Renaissance World Tour and for your chance to buy a mirrored cowboy had, be sure to check out our 2023 Netflix movie release schedule.

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