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What’s Actually In the Nearly $140K Bag That Oscar Hopefuls Like Will Smith And Kristen Stewart Get Just For Being Nominated

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The 2022 Oscars are just about here! While fans of the awards ceremony may be looking forward to seeing who will go home with those golden statuettes tonight, some stars will be walking away with a pretty baller prize no matter if they actually win or not. A gift bag that contains nearly $140,000 worth of prizes will be given to a number of nominees like Will Smith and Kristen Stewart, and you’d be surprised at some of the things that are actually included in the package.

According to CNBC, the gift bags are worth just over $137,000 and come with quite a bit of prizes, but maybe not as many as you would think with such a high price tag. The news source states that this year’s Oscar nominees will receive 53 items and experiences, all ranging in prices. Don’t worry, the big-budget items certainly make that massive price tag make a lot of sense. Here are just some of the items included in the gift bag, including one worth over a third of the whole enchilada:

  • A "Celebrity Arms" Liposuction from Dr. Thomas Su ($12,000)
  • Home renovations from LA-based Maison Construction ($25,000)
  • Gourmet, assorted popcorn from Opopop
  • More cosmetic procedures and treatments from Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich ($10,000)
  • A 3 night stay at Turin Castle in Scotland with butler service and a bagpipe welcome ($50,000)
  • A 4 night stay for two at the Golden Door luxury resort and spa ($15,000)
  • A life coaching session with wellness expert Kayote Joseph ($1,200)
  • Tea from the Oprah-approved company The Chia Box 
  • A plot of land in Scotland and the title of “Lord” or “Lady of Glencoe"

I am shooketh. If I even needed an example of how absurdly separated I am from the rich and famous, I just got one. Also, land in Scotland that comes with being a lord or lady? How absurd and completely enviable. 

While not all of the 2022 Oscar nominees will walk away with the gift bag, 25 of them, along with the 3 celebrity hosts, will. Apparently only the nominees for "Best Actress," "Best Actor," "Best Supporting Actress," "Best Supporting Actor" and "Best Director" will walk out of the Oscars as lords and ladies munching on fancy popcorn. 

That means that at just over $137,000 each, there will be almost $4 million worth of prizes in gift bags given out this year. Think about all the things that much cash could actually buy a normal person - I think I’m actually going to be sick.

Of course, $137,000 might not be an overwhelming amount for someone who's been in Hollywood for a while, but it’s still significant. To me, it's one hell of a vacation, a body-altering surgery, and a nice (albeit, bougie) popcorn snack.

It totally makes sense why all the other nominees are always so happy for the winner - they’ve already got a prize worth a pretty penny locked down! The Internet may have been debating on who the better actor is between Denzel Washington and Will Smith, but they’re both about to be Scotland Lords, so honestly whichever lands the award isn’t exactly that much better off. 

The 94th Academy Awards air tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m PT. If you’re like the many other people making the exclusive switch to streaming and don’t have cable, you can catch the ceremony with a Hulu plus Live TV subscription. Just like the gift bags, this year‘s live event holds plenty of nice surprises. Also, ahead of the show, check out CinemaBlend's thoughts on the likely Oscar winners.

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