Yes, Machine Gun Kelly Snorted And Licked Fake Cocaine Off Megan Fox’s Boob While They Sported A+ Halloween Costumes

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It’s Halloween weekend, which means many people have been partaking in parties and other holiday festivities. Celebrities get in on the fun as well, and they typically sport some great costumes that they post about on social media. A-list couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were among those that got dressed up, and they chose some A+ costumes. The two channeled Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and definitely turned some heads. However, it wasn’t just their threads that caught people’s attention. It was also the fact that MGK snorted and licked fake cocaine off Fox’s boob while they were in their duds.

Yes, you read that correctly. Machine Gun Kelly, whose actual name is Colson Baker, posted the whole thing to his Instagram story after the couple stepped out on Friday. (He also shared a few snapshots.) In the clip, Baker – dressed as the Mötley Crüe co-founder – first took a dollar bill and sniffed up the white powder from his fiancée’s bosom. You don’t believe me? Check out a photo of the moment for yourself down below:

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on Instagram

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I know that some people get committed whenever they dress up as a particular person for Halloween, but this takes things to a whole new level. As wild as the act was though, it was quickly topped when the musician licked off the remains of the fake coke. And yes, you can check out a still of that as well:

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on instagram

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It was an interesting situation but one that the couple seemed to be living for. After MGK cleared off the remainder of the substance, he and his lover engaged in a smooch. Take a look:

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on Instagram

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The relationship between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly has been interesting, to say the least. The two are known for their unconventional public displays of affection. For instance, Fox once pointed a gun at her partner’s crotch while professing her undying love for him. Meanwhile, MGK revealed he once stabbed himself in an effort to impress his lady. In the grand scheme of things, I guess their play on Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee looks pretty normal by comparison to those things. All jokes aside though, it seems clear that Fox and Kelly are doing well as a couple following those breakup rumors.

The stars began dating in 2020 after working together on the movie Midnight in the Switchgrass. MGK and Megan Fox got engaged this past January after the songwriter arranged a sweet proposal for her. As far as we know, the pair are still planning for their wedding, which is reportedly set to be “an extravagant, dark” affair. All the while, it seems that at least one of them may be ready to take another major step. Fox begged MGK to get her pregnant while responding to one of his recent looks. In any ordinary case, one would say she was joking but, knowing these two, she could be making an honest plea. 

Whatever ends up happening on that front remains to be seen. But at present, what can be said is that the couple definitely won Halloween with their Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee outfits. As long as they remain together, I’d expect them to continue to sport pitch-perfect costumes over the spooky holiday season. Though I’m not sure any other fits will involve activities like fake cocaine-snorting and boob-licking.

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