Entertaining action sequences and character development are great things to have in a well-made superhero movie, but one especially important aspect of translating this type of property to the big screen is the costume. Many of these characters have existed for more than 50 years on the printed page, which is why it’s important that the designers on these movies create costumes that are faithful to the source material while also adapting them enough to give something unique to both general moviegoers and hardcore comic book fans. Sometimes they’re successful. Other times they’re not.

While most of the superhero movie costumes nowadays have are vast improvements, the genre has been around long enough that there have been plenty of duds over the years. Whether the movie itself was excellent or horrible, there have been plenty of instances where a hero or villain’s costume was either an eyesore or completely opposite of the character’s look from the comics. Here are the 10 characters that wore the ugliest costumes in all of superhero movie history.

X-Men: The Last Stand decided to ignore Juggernaut’s connection to Charles Xavier and the mystical origin of his powers in favor of making him nothing more than hired muscle. Granted, they got his powers right, and not being related to Xavier wasn’t a terrible loss (though still disappointing), but they fell short on his look. He had the armor and a helmet, but it looked nothing remotely close to what he dons in the comics. The least they could have done is made the helmet cover his entire face and not have him take it off.

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