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Will Hugh Jackman ever hang up his adamantium claws? As 20th Century Fox continues to beef up its upcoming line-up of X-Men films, the Wolverine actor is prepping to appear in the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse, coming in 2016. But even before then, he has no qualms with continuing to appear in the other films. The latest word from the actor himself is that he would be totally down to join Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool movie. 

Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’ Deadpool already appeared together in one of the more dreadful superhero movies, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They appear together as part of William Stryker’s elite and deadly team of mutant killers, and Deadpool was particularly bloodthirsty. Not only did he slaughter an entire room of bodyguards with machine guns, but he also helped cut down an innocent jungle village at the behest of his psychotic leader. Needless to say, these two characters weren’t always on the same page. 

Speaking with MTV UK for Chappie, Jackman said it’s this sort of relationship that’s intriguing.  

They are definitely enemies in the comics, and they always spar off world together. So, I’d be open to that idea.

Jackman is a master of the unclear, misdirected response. But he’s become such a significant mainstay of the X-Men cinematic universe that if he wanted to appear in something, the producers would absolutely let him. Jackman considers Reynolds to be a buddy, and he's incredibly proud of the "brilliant actor" for landing the Deadpool gig. "He will nail that," he said. 

Deadpool comes out in theaters on February 12, 2016, more than three months before Apocalypse hits on that May 27. Should Jackman appear in that film, that would mark the actor’s eighth time suiting up as Wolverine for a movie. That includes all three of the original X-Men films, the two Wolverine movies (Origins and Mangold’s latest), a cameo in First Class, and his role in Days of Future Past. You can listen to his full comments in the video below.

Jackman’s retirement plans have been a continuous battle of "will he or won’t he?" A commitment such as his Wolverine contract can’t be an easy one to take on. Now seven films later — with at least one main X-Men film and another standalone Wolverine installment coming down the road — he’s been publicly jostling back and forth on the subject. However, his latest comments suggest he’ll play the role until death. Considering Wolverine can live forever, we’d like to see Jackman try. 

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