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John Green's The Fault in Our Stars earned a passionate legion of fans when it was published in 2012, with young adults and straight-up adults alike falling hard for the story about teenagers diagnosed with cancer that was the exact opposite of every cheesy nonsense YA book you could imagine. And now that it's getting a a movie adaptation, fans will be on red alert to make sure the movie stays true to what they loved about the book. It's fair to be skeptical at this point, but at the same time… they're off to a really, really good start.

They've already got Shailene Woodey on board to star as Hazel, and now Variety reports they're narrowing down the hunt for the other half of the romance, eyeing five different up and coming actors. None of them are especially famous, but the one who caught my eye the most was Nat Wolff, the gangly and endearing teen star of Admission who really held his own against Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in that film. Not to brag anything, but I totally called him as an excellent Augustus back when the film was first confirmed, and the fact that he's worked previously with director Josh Boone can only make him more of a frontrunner-- though Variety says no one has the edge just yet.

His competition includes Brenton Thwaites, Nick Robinson, Noah Silver and Ansel Elgort, all of whom will test for the role this weekend. Thwaites will be one of the young pretty faces in the upcoming Transformers 4, Robinson is one of the newcomers leading Sundance hit The Kings of Summer, and Elgort will actually be Woodley's co-star in the sci-fi adventure Divergent, which might give him the edge as well. Even though Hazel is the book's main character, Augustus is the charismatic love interest, which means it's a role any young actor ought to be all over. I'm still pulling for Wolff to snag it, but if you can make a good argument for any of the other guys, let us know in the comments.

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