Of all the characters that we met In Star Wars: The Force Awakens there is nobody more interesting than Rey. Even she is in the dark about much of her own history, and so, we as fans are also missing many details about who she truly is. We don't know where she came from or why she has a connection to Luke Skywalker. There is a great deal of information that we do have, and much we can consider. Here's everything that we know about Rey as it pertains to Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Where Star Wars: Episode 8 Will Begin

Our first image of the beginning of production on Star Wars: Episode VIII seemed to be of the exact same scene that ended Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The implication is that the film will be picking up immediately after the events of the last film. This will be a first for the series as previous films have had gaps of years between them.

While picking up right where they left off will be unusual (what would the opening text crawl even say?) it makes sense. We would fully expect that Rey has many questions for Luke Skywalker and they would likely be the first things out of her mouth when she finally meets him. Since we know Rey is somehow connected to Luke Skywalker, as the lightsaber called to her, then it follows that Luke would have some of these answers.

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