Is The Sinister Six Movie Cancelled?

Going into the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony seemed to be extremely confident about their Marvel Comics future. In fact, they were so confident that they bared their ambitions possibly a little too much by announcing two more Amazing Spider Man sequels, as well as Venom and Sinister Six spin-off films in the near future. However, once The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released to a less than amazing film market, Sony's plans started to change rather quickly. First, there was word that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was being moved back in favor of Sinister Six. Now, someone out there thinks that the future of the Sinister Six is finished before it even started.

That someone, unsurprisingly, is Umberto Gonzalez (aka "El Mayimbe") of Latino Review fame. Just when you thought Sony was safe, Mr. Gonzalez tweeted the following out to the world this morning, with little to no explanation:

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That's a pretty bold statement. So what does Mr. Gonzalez have to back up his egregious claim that the Sinister Six are going to be covered in cobwebs? Nothing yet. Absolutely nothing else on his recent Twitter feed refers to the project, nor does he address the multitude of followers asking for further information. The tweet went out, the mic was dropped, and that's all he wrote.

But then, you look at the behavior of the Marvel Universe outside of the Marvel Studios nucleus. After all, Michael B. Jordan was recently reported as saying that The Fantastic Four is being changed "on the fly," and even Marvel Sony collaborator Alex Kurtzman seems to be vague about just what's going on in the post Amazing Spider-Man 2 world of Sony. There's a lot of troubling things that seem to be brewing at the two houses that are pitting Marvel franchises against their own family, and it's fair to say that the climate is an uncertain one.

Marvel Studios has been as busy as Marvel Comics has been with shaping its universe. With this strong example acting in the market, Marvel Sony and Marvel Fox seem to be lagging way behind by comparison, and without a strong game plan. Could Umberto Gonzalez's tweet be a sign of things to come? It's even money at this point. While his tweet wasn't a stone cold lock of the century, it is a sign that even industry reporters are starting to wonder just how the outer rings of the Marvel Universe are going to cope with the devastating competition that Marvel Studios is waging against opposing forces from outside (such as DC Comics) and within.

Here's hoping we still get that sweet sounding Sinister Six movie, which is currently unscheduled for release.

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