Why Jared Leto Sent His Suicide Squad Costars Used Condoms

We’ve already heard many of the stories about the things that Jared Leto got up to on the set of Suicide Squad. However, apparently we haven’t heard all the stories. What’s more, we finally have a chance to hear from the man himself, out of character, talk about exactly what he was up to. The man who will be the big screen’s next Joker says he was trying to create an element of surprise on the set, which is why he sent his costars used condoms. We have to admit, this is not a strategy we would have considered.

We had previously heard about Jared Leto’s other great on set shenanigans, that included sending a rat to Margot Robbie and bullets to Will Smith. He also gifted the entire cast with a dead pig. You know, like you do. Now, speaking with E! At Cinemacon, the actor informed them that those weren’t the only gifts he provided. He apparently also sent used condoms to "everybody" as well as anal beads to at least one person. When asked why he went to these lengths he told them it was about breaking down walls.

I did a lot of things to create a dynamic to create an element of surprise, a spontaneity and to really break down any kind of walls that may be there. The Joker is somebody who doesn't really respect things like personal space or boundaries.


We’re pretty sure that you’ve eliminated all personal boundaries when you start sending used condoms to people. Used as in opened...or like used? And used by whom? By him? By somebody else? Which somehow seems even worse. These gifts appear to have been successful in convincing the rest of the Suicide Squad that Jared Leto was serious in his portrayal of The Joker. It’s not clear how much it all informed everybody else’s performance, although Common has said that he really appreciated Leto’s all-in approach so it may have worked somewhat.

While we've seen a little bit of Jared Leto's performance in the trailer's for Suicide Squad we really have no idea what we're in for here. Exactly how The Joker will fit into the broader plot, he's not technically part of the team, is not clear. While Suicide Squad appears to have a lighter side to it than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the grittier DCEU could give us a darker and more twisted Joker then we've yet seen on screen.

What do you think we’re all in for when we finally meet The Joker this summer in Suicide Squad? Will his dedication to the insanity bring us the greatest Joker yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the strangest thing to happen on the set of Suicide Squad. This production has been SO FREAKY, we’re actually surprised the movie’s going to reach theaters! You have to read the rest of the stories we tracked during the Suicide Squad shoot. They are juicy!

So, Jared Leto decided that, in preparation to play The Joker, he was going to send anal beads and used condoms to Will Smith. But that’s tame.

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Later on in the shoot, Jared Leto sent this bizarre package to co-star Jay Hernandez. Really, who does this?

One day on the set, Jared Leto had an assistant deliver a dead pig to his co-stars. That caused Viola Davis to have this extreme reaction.

Of course, we’re still not 100% sure who Jared Leto’s Joker really is. These are our best guesses, alongside comparisons to previous actors who have played The Joker one screen.

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