After more than a decade of waiting, we’re finally going to be treated to the return of the prettiest people in the world in Zoolander 2. While we had no idea just how funny the world of male modeling would be, the original Zoolander was absolutely hilarious and the sequel looks to be continue be a worthy follow-up.

The original film essentially established that the fashion industry has the ability to brainwash models – thanks to their low intelligence - in order to perform political assassinations. It now appears that there is something even darker going on in the world of fashion. Zoolander 2 deals with the most terrible crime of all, the death of pretty people. Pop stars are being killed, and all of them seem to have exactly one thing in common - which leads the authorities to go in search of the one man who might be able to solve the mystery: Derek Zoolander. Somehow there's a connection between Zoolander and the deaths, as all the dead celebrities shared images of themselves near death and flashing the Zoolander signature look, Blue Steel.

We're expecting a host of entertaining new characters to join the party in Zoolander 2, but if we’re being honest we're even more excited for our returning favorites. The first film had a collection of hilarious characters and we know that many of them will be returning for the new movie. While most are the major names you might expect, even some of the actors playing very small parts have returned in their respective roles as well. Here’s a rundown of just those that we know we’re going to see again.

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Derek Zoolander
He was once the greatest male model in the world. And he was dumber than a bag of hammers. It wouldn’t be a Zoolander movie without the great Derek Zoolander, so of course Ben Stiller will be back once again (also returning to the director’s chair).

Derek Zoolander was once the greatest male model in the world. He thought his career was over when he was dethroned by Hansel. His signature look, Blue Steel, while still one of the greatest looks in the history of modeling, was getting old and he needed something new to refresh himself. Then he was nearly brainwashed into assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia. You know, like you always hear about in the news.

In the last film, Derek Zoolander had the ability to stop a throwing star with a look, and he was at the top of his game. Kind of a lot has happened since then.

As we learned in the first movie, Derek Zoolander has a son, and we will see him all grown up in the new film… though it’s worth mentioning that he is very much not a model. Exactly how the son will play into the larger story in Zoolander 2 is not clear. While our brief view of the child of Derek and Matilda from the original implied that he would be a natural model, something has happened that has drastically changed this, and we have to assume that dad is not happy about it.

The sequel will find Derek Zoolander retired. He’s much older now of course, so what good is he anymore? It appears there may not be much more to life for Zoolander than being really, really, really, good looking. The implication is that he's not even capable of performing his signature looks anymore. If we thought Zoolander was feeling low in the first film, he may have found new depths to sink to this time around. He will have one last run in the fashion world, however, as the fashion division of Interpol (which is a thing we really wish exists) calls on him for help with this strange case.

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