San Diego Comic-Con officially kicks off today, and while this convention has featured all kinds of movie genres in recent years, fans still look forward to the big news drops from Marvel and DC, the superstars of the comic book world. Both companies now have competing cinematic universes, with one having just entered its third phase and the other releasing its third movie next month. News about both franchises come through the entire year, but it's at Comic-Con where they can release some of their best material, be it a trailer, a casting, a special photo or a movie announcement. This year will be no exception.

While Marvel and DC will have their big movie panels on Saturday, big news and other assorted items could really come at any point over the next few days. Some are obvious, others may be long shots, but either way, they'll get fans even more hyped up for these movies. Here are our top 10 picks for reveals we hope to see at some point during Comic-Con from the Big Two.

Suicide Squad Clip

Likelihood: 9 out of 10

Let's start with one that seems like a safe bet. Suicide Squad is only a couple weeks away from release. We've already seen plenty of trailers and TV spots, and with almost the whole cast there for the Hall H panel, the only thing DC and Warner Bros can do that will make an impression is release an extended clip. Of what, that's hard to say. Maybe it will show Rick Flag arguing with Amanda Waller about why they're using criminals as operatives. Perhaps we'll see Deadshot, Harley Quinn and the other Squad members being gathered together by Flag. Who knows, we may even get to see the main characters out in the field in action. Whatever the content, it will just fuel the anticipation for Suicide Squad even higher.

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