The last big comic book movie of the summer is almost upon us. Suicide Squad arrives next week, and as a last minute tease, we got an up close look at what we'll see when each member of the team takes the screen. The cast of the movie is currently in New York City meeting with media prior to Monday's world premiere of the film. Our own Sean O'Connell is there, and he has brought us an up-close look at all of the costumes each member of the squad will be wearing in the blockbuster. Let's take a look at each one.

El Diablo appears to get off fairly easily here as far as complicated clothing in superhero movies goes. His costume is little more than a jacket that looks like the one I had in high school, and that could be either basic slacks, or possibly sweat pants. It makes some sense. Why walk around in expensive clothes when you're just as likely to light them on fire? We also see some religious imagery as he has a cross on his belt and what could be a rosary on his left wrist.

While the trailers for Suicide Squad haven't given us the best look at Enchantress, we didn't realize her costume was quite so... minimalist. There's not a lot here to even call a costume. At least this explains why David Ayer asked Cara Delevingne to run around naked in order to prepare for the role. She was going to be spending the movie that way.

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