See The Amazing Suicide Squad Costumes On Display At The Film's Upcoming Premiere

The last big comic book movie of the summer is almost upon us. Suicide Squad arrives next week, and as a last minute tease, we got an up close look at what we'll see when each member of the team takes the screen. The cast of the movie is currently in New York City meeting with media prior to Monday's world premiere of the film. Our own Sean O'Connell is there, and he has brought us an up-close look at all of the costumes each member of the squad will be wearing in the blockbuster. Let's take a look at each one.


El Diablo appears to get off fairly easily here as far as complicated clothing in superhero movies goes. His costume is little more than a jacket that looks like the one I had in high school, and that could be either basic slacks, or possibly sweat pants. It makes some sense. Why walk around in expensive clothes when you're just as likely to light them on fire? We also see some religious imagery as he has a cross on his belt and what could be a rosary on his left wrist.


While the trailers for Suicide Squad haven't given us the best look at Enchantress, we didn't realize her costume was quite so... minimalist. There's not a lot here to even call a costume. At least this explains why David Ayer asked Cara Delevingne to run around naked in order to prepare for the role. She was going to be spending the movie that way.


Deadshot is played by Will Smith, and as such we expect he will be a major part of Suicide Squad. You don't hire Will Smith to play bit parts. Deadshot is the sniper/assassin character. This close-up look shows how well armed the man will be, so that he's never without a way to shoot somebody when necessary. That's a hell of a lot of ammo he's carrying all around his waist, and even when he's not holding one of the many, many guns strapped to his person, he has those shooters on his wrist to help him get the job done every time.


This one may be our most favorite costume of the bunch. Jai Courtney's Boomerang comes across as one of the most unusual characters on the team, and this outfit is part of the reason why. It's blue jeans and a tracksuit top with a fleece lined leather jacket. Do people actually dress this way? We're assuming Boomerang picked his clothes based on what was available at the local Goodwill. It's the only way to explain this combination of odd styles.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc's outfit is likely most designed so that you don't notice him. That way people won't really see who's under the hood and get scared to death. His jacket appears to be something other than straight leather. It's something scaly, which is fitting considering the man inside is as well. The hoodie itself looks like it's made from some very nice, soft material. There is one major, notable flaw with this get-up: the Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje character lives in the sewers and spends a lot of his time underwater - and none of this outfit looks like it would survive a deep dive into Gotham's sewage system.

The Joker

As opposed to Killer Croc, who's trying to blend in, The Joker is obviously looking to stand out. The bright purple trenchcoat and what appear to be boxing shorts over Batman leggings certainly succeed in that regard. If that's not enough, this outfit doesn't include a shirt, because they want you to see all his sweet tattoos (which aren't featured on the mannequin, but you get the idea).

Harley Quinn

Finally, we have Daddy's Little Monster herself. Margot Robbie has gone on record as saying she wasn't a huge fan of Harley Quinn's outfits for Suicide Squad. It's not that hard to see why. Those shorts are, well, short. She's competing with Enchantress here to see who can wear less - and the holes in her tight shirt don't really leave much to the imagination either. One nice add-on, however, is the necklace the character wears that says "Puddin" - a reference to the affectation Harley often attributes to The Joker.

These costumes look pretty cool overall, we can't wait to see them on the actors themselves when Suicide Squad hits theaters next Friday. Stay tuned for our coverage in the coming weeks!

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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