Watch Andrew Garfield Slip Into The Amazing Spider-Man Suit One More Time

Tom Holland is the current Spider-Man swinging across the big screen, but it wasn't that long ago when Hacksaw Ridge star Andrew Garfield was the one wearing the red and blue tights. Garfield led both Amazing Spider-Man movies, but when Marvel and Sony decided to bring the Web-Slinger into the MCU, that continuity was tossed out in favor of a new one. However, Garfield surprisingly donned the suit one more time yesterday for a special reason. Okay, it wasn't quite as fancy as the one he wore in the movies, but it was still a cool moment.

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Longtime Jimmy Kimmel Live! viewers know that the show's studio is located near Hollywood Boulevard, where many costumed character linger to take pictures on the sidewalk with passing pedestrians for a small fee. Well, before appearing on the talk show to plug Hacksaw Ridge, Andrew Garfield took the opportunity to don a Spider-Man costume and pose for photos to earn a little extra cash. Once he'd taken a picture with a woman, he peeled off his mask and relished that he'd scored what we assume was around $10.

While it would have been even better if Andrew Garfield had been wearing one of the Spidey suits from either The Amazing Spider-Man or its 2014 sequel, this was still a fun callback to his time as a cinematic superhero. Actually, this isn't even the first time he's donned a pedestrian a simple Spider-Man costume. During the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, a year before The Amazing Spider-Man was released, Garfield appeared at the movie's presentation clad as the New York crimefighter to talk about how much he appreciated the character. That period of his life is over now, but at least the actor can still have a little fun in the costume. Plus, that side cash was a nice incentive to don the duds again.

Five years after Tobey Maguire spun his last web in Spider-Man 3, Andrew Garfield debuted as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, which received favorable reviews and performed solidly at the box office. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 followed a few years later, and the plan after that was to not only bring back Garfield for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but also build a "Spider-Man cinematic universe" with spinoffs like Sinister Six and Venom. However, following The Amazing Spider-Man 2's less-than-satisfactory performance, these plans were scrapped. Rather than merge the Amazing Spider-Man world with the MCU, Marvel and Sony decided to start from scratch again with the character, and Tom Holland's version debuted this past May in Captain America: Civil War.

You can see Andrew Garfield again when Hacksaw Ridge opens in theaters on November 4. As for Spider-Man, Tom Holland will reprise the role on July 7, 2017 for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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