In case you've lost your calendar, or just like hearing people remind you of this fact, the holiday season is upon us. And with that, it's time to start mainlining Christmas movies and drinking Egg Nog until you're more cranked up that Clark Griswold stringing up his annual light display. Unfortunately, there's only a handful of Netflix options this holiday season, and it's a little hard to determine what's the equivalent of a shiny toy under the tree or a bag of tube socks.

Thankfully, there's quite a few good options to indulge in. Some are classics, some are under the radar hits, and one is a Ryan Reynolds movie you perhaps already know by heart. All of them are great ways to spend your holiday season, sharing the gift of cinema with those you love. Please enjoy this list of holly jolly classics, from us to you.

Love Actually

Love, Actually is the biggest example of when a film wears all of its heart on all of the sleeves. Yes, it's extremely emotional and charming, with a British sensibility about it. Yes, the whole Andrew Lincoln plotline is a bit dodgy, though at the same time not as creepy as people complain it is. Ultimately though, there's something for everyone to identify with in this ensemble piece about love at Christmas.

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