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Justice League is nearly a year away and we've already seen one trailer for it, which is fairly remarkable, but since this is a highly anticipated film, fans really want to see more sooner, and it appears that might happen. Recently, a fan had an opportunity to snap a selfie with Justice League director Zack Snyder, and the fan says the director told him that Justice League's promotion will be shifting into high gear later in December, which would seem to imply that a new trailer would be on the way soon.

At San Diego Comic-Con last summer, we got our first look at Justice League at what was essentially the film's first trailer, though it was only ever designed as a special treat for the attendees, even though it was eventually released online. It was actually a remarkable amount of content to see considering how early in production the film was. With now having the majority of filming in the bag, there's a lot more they could potentially tease and since they already shown us something there's a good chance that Justice League will be giving us more trailers than your average film. If major promotions are planned for later this month, then we're probably in for a major push that will last the majority of 2017.

Part of the reason that there may be plans to push Justice League hard may be because there's another film that could benefit. DC has one movie planned between now and November's Justice League release. Don't be surprised to see Wonder Woman front and center in any major Justice League ads. The Wonder Woman movie is set for June and any significant promotion of the character can really only help both films. If you're excited to see Wonder Woman in Justice League then you'll certainly want to see her solo movie first.

The DC Extended Universe is in a tough position going into 2017. Their films were two of biggest money makers of the year, while at the same time the response from both fans and critics was less than Warner Bros. certainly wanted. Much of the praise that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received surrounded the character of Wonder Woman and Batman, so the two films set for this year have a bit more going for them.

We're certainly as excited as anybody to see more from Justice League. With several new characters and a villain we have yet to really lay eyes on, there's a lot we still don't know about the movie. While we don't want to see so many trailers that the entire movie is given away, without something new, what in the world would we talk about?

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