As the DCEU continues to expand, an army of classic heroes will gradually enter the fold. Hot off the heels of the announcement of a Nightwing movie last month, we recently learned that the silver screen Bat Family would continue to grow with the announcement of a Batgirl film as well. The character has never taken center stage in her own live-action solo movie, so all eyes are on director, writer, and producer Joss Whedon to break new ground with this comic book icon.

Of course, the announcement of a Batgirl film raises distinct casting questions. Barbara Gordon is one of the most beloved characters in DC Comics, so everyone has his or her own idea as to who should take on the role. As that question continues to loom, we have compiled a list of actresses that we think are perfect to take on the role of Babs. Check out our choices, and let us know who you want to see don the cape and cowl when the Batgirl movie finally debuts. We have many options to get to, so let's kick this list off with arguably the most obvious of the bunch.

Emma Stone

When it comes to fan-casting the role of Barbara Gordon, Emma Stone is probably the most common suggestion that people throw out -- and it's not hard to understand why. Between her trademark red hair and her offbeat sense of humor, the 28-year-old actress is a dead ringer for the comic book icon. More important than her looks, she's also one of the most talented actors working today, and she recently took home an Oscar for her work on La La Land to prove it. That's the type of prestige that any superhero universe would want to lock down. Besides, we cannot allow her comic book movie legacy to be defined by her work as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, can we?

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